Friday, December 11, 2009

A Special Message From Spock

"Hello all my fans of Spockcation! Just a little update to let you know all is well. I have finally finished up in California and I will have my last of the California stops posted next week. Next is Wyoming!

Charles (aka Chunky B) has been very busy clearing my landing a few stops in advance and asked me to pass along some info. So, here we go."

Here's some Spockcation Travel facts:

Spock has completed 10 stops since he started on April 14th of this year.

Spock has visited 6 states and Canada.

Spock has actually made his way into Canada with two different hosts.

Spock has had multiple stops in the following states so far: Florida and California.

Spock has logged an estimated 15,924 travel miles.

Spock's longest distance he has traveled was estimated 3316 miles from Boca Raton, FL to Seattle, WA.

Spock's shortest distance he has traveled was estimated 11 miles in California.

Spock has been traveling for 8 months, more precisely 242 days.

Spock has 24 more stops in his trip.

Spock's estimated return to his home state is November 2010... Holy crap! Did I figure that right?

Spock has not packed a jacket.

Also some fun notes, Spock has been lost once, to my knowledge, on mass transit and found later. Also, judging by the photos his lei, which was designed to last only his first stop to kick things off, looks like it has made it about 5 stops. This really surprised his lei maker, we had bets it would only survive two stops at best.

I have figured if you take the 242 days and divide by his 10 stops he has averaged 24 days per stop so far, which is high because of side trips, being returned in the mail and some lengthy stays in a few spots. I hope to have this cut down now and would like to remind everyone to please keep him moving, he's only a third complete in his mission to date.

So, when is your turn to host Spock? Heres a quick list of his next stops, I'll let you guys do the math. WY, CO, KS, IA, NB, MN, IL (two stops), IN, OH, NY, CT, VT, NH, MA, NJ (two stops), NC, TN, GA (three stops), AL and TX.

That's the update, more Spockcation to come – looks like it will run into 2010 a bit. Live long and prosper.


Doc Atomic said...

Hey, if he needs a place to crash while in NY -- specifically, NYC -- let me know. I could introduce him to the joys of Roller Derby...

Bubbashelby said...

lol - too late Doc, I already introduced Spock to Roller Derby (although the pics didn't turn out so well and I think only one was usable!)

I'm sure Spock wouldn't mind some more Roller Derby fun though!

LEon said...

Interesting...Spock spend most of this time traveling it seems. Must be really tiring. LOL