Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Spock Stop 10: Culver City, CA

Spock's last stop in California was with Bryan Sanders of Culver City. For a while I thought he would be trapped in CA, but it is a large state and he did see some crazy stuff... anyway Spock's host for this stop is another member of the Mego Museum, a pretty cool place for some vintage toy goodness, plus everyone there is really friendly in the forums. That all said, I'll let Bryan take it away for this installment of Spockcation.

A visit to Santa Monica, California—Spock learned all about obey giant in Bryan’s classroom where he met the locals.

These guys guard the Negative Ion Blaster.

Bert enjoyed “Mustache Day” more than most.

The daisy-patterned lecturn has much to say about the cobra snake

Aunt Celina will be happy to see her chicken gift to me featured on this blog. She doesn’t believe that I actually keep her presents.

Spock meditated for a full hour next to the cranberry sauce station during our Thanksgiving event.

A visit to Venice, California—Spock and Bryan giving a prosperous hello to former student, friend and tremendous artist Hal Bergman

Spock considers his options.

Everyone does yoga out here.

Spock and I silently said goodbye amidst the sounds of Venice at Windward Avenue.

Those are some great pics Bryan, thanks again! Spock is off to his next stop in Wyoming. Stay warm Spock, you're not in CA anymore. Below are some links where you can find Bryan. Until we get our next report from the road live long and prosper.

Places you can find Bryan
Bryan on Twitter


LEon said...

I have to say the photography of this entry are great! Bryan sure has lots of retro stuff.

zoe taylor said...

fantastic :) love it ! good job.