Thursday, February 25, 2010


Sure he's missing his accessories and may have a crack on his arm, plus his paint may not be the best, but a buck for this guy at a comic shop isn't that bad. Before you say anything about budgets, this was a purchase made years ago and has resurfaced thanks to organizing the collection.

Chuckles is from the 1987 series of GI Joe Real American Hero. My original Chuckles never made it out alive of the massacre at the hands of my son and nephew, but that's cool cause I found this one. What's weird is I can remember a friend of mine picking up Chuckles and Cobra's Crystal Ball for me for a birthday present. We were all in college and working part time at a lumber yard, but he found out I was collecting these and swung by and grabbed a couple before work that day. It was a slow day at work and we ended up taking these two and having battles in the lumber yard.

"Now that's a knife!"

It was kind of funny that Chuckles was made, cause that's what this friend would call me at work, so he was just as jazzed to get this figure as I was. Probably even more so. I never lived down that nickname, and this is one of those toys that reminds me of my friends back in 1987. Tiny little time capsule.

"Yo Chuckles!"

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Reis O'Brien said...

This Chuckles figure reminds me of Wash from Firefly. I'm just sayin'.