Monday, March 1, 2010

Marvelous Monday! Wolverine

Welcome to Marvelous Mondays! The What's Up Bub? Edition.

When it comes to Wolverine I run hot and cold, I loves me some brown costume Wolvie and I likes me some of the Blue and Gold costume, on the fence about the civilian clothes version, the leather was okay and meh about any of the others, if there are any left.

So with that I give you another 3-3/4 Hasbro toy. But look it's really not from the Marvel Universe line it's from the Wolverine Movie tie in line, this was the comic branch of that line. What I think is really weird on this toy is that they added ball joints to his hip articulation, but I have yet to see this in the Marvel Universe line, if they did add it I missed it. I really don't know if I like the added feature or not. Sometimes I like it simple, then sometimes I think wouldn't it be cool if Wolverine could do yoga.

This figure came with a red samurai sword and again I was like, meh who cares and it went into my bag of accessories I really don't care much about. I'm sure there is a reason he has a sword and a red one at that, but he's freaking Wolverine! He has claws to take care of his business, and brother business is good!

You know since we are on the topic of Wolverine, I liked the last Wolverine movie. It was what it was for me, an entertaining, rainy Saturday sort of movie. Was it the best of the X-Men series? No not really. Did it have some story issues and plot holes? Yes quite a few. But, I liked it enough that I would watch it again sometime. Then again I dug the Dare Devil movie, even with Ben Afflec.


LEon said...

Like you I wonder why they throw in samurai sword for him. He has claws for goodness sake!

Brian Ashmore said...

I liked the last Wolverine movie, too. In fact, I really liked it. I kept hearing how so-so (or even bad) it was but rented it anyway. I don't read the comics so not having that "baggage" helped, I guess.

Liked Daredevil, too. Never understood why it's so universally panned.

chunky B said...

You know Brian I go into Superhero movies expecting what I expect from a comic book, some adventure, action, some laughs and some "oh cool!" I really do not expect Oscar performances just some fun. I think people rail on these movies because they expect them to live up to a higher standard than what they really are.

Bubbashelby said...

I really liked the Wolverine movie. I was so-so on Daredevil I guess, didn't hate it but not likely to watch it again. Not because of the story, but Affleck and whats-her-name aren't my favorite actors in the world.

This action figure, however, is awesome! I loves me some brown costume Wolverine!