Monday, February 22, 2010

Marvelous Mondays!

Welcome to Marvelous Mondays! I'm sure this has probably been done before somewhere, but it's a first for me so there you go. Every Monday, unless the weekend was too busy, I will try and post something Marvel from my collection wether it be toy, comic, book, collectable, ad, etc.

What will you see? Well, glad you asked. As you can tell I have no real focus in my collecting habits. Some people only collect a certain character or pop culture property. I'm all over the place. When it comes to Marvel here's a list of characters I like in order of favorite to least favorite:

Number 1: Silver Surfer, Captain America, Iron Man, The Thing, Spider-Man, Hulk

Number 2: All the rest

Short list huh? Needless to say I never really completed one line of toys or story arc in comics, I just floated around the marvel Universe like the Watcher. I only hope I have enough Marvel stuff to keep this going for a while, cause I only plan on maybe adding two more pieces to my toy part of the collection. Well, I hope you enjoy!

Ole Shell Head

Today's Marvelous Monday entry is from the Hasbro Marvel Universe 3-3/4 line of toys. None other that the comic version of the modern armor Iron Man. You know I really cannot tell you if it's the comic version or some armor that they just made up because like Batman in the DC Universe, Iron Man has so many versions of his armor. I really dug the look of this armor so I picked it up. Sometimes I think I'm going to collect nothing but Iron Man toys and then I take a look at some of his armor and forget about it. I generally like the classic version of his armor, but again this looked sort of cool, and it was new and at 3-3/4 scale.

Marvelous Detail!

This was released early last year when Hasbro debuted the Marvel Universe line at this scale. Finally an Iron Man to help out the GI Joes in their fight against Cobra! My only complaint, and I may sound old here, is the price. When these first hit the were in the 8 to 9 dollar range. I remember when larger toys cost less or about the same, so I was sure not to collect them all. They are not too heavy on accessories either. Iron Man came with an energy blast (not pictured), basically a transparent piece you snap onto his arm so it looks like he's using his repulser ray and some little paper file card. As you can see both were tossed aside.

"Fight with repulser rays!"

What really amazes me is that the first Iron Man movie toys were larger and had some of the poorest quality control in my opinion than this guy. Well, at least every Iron Man movie toy I purchased seemed to have issues, this guy really had no problems. Funny how the same company can vary with different lines. I will say Hasbro is probably the king of 3-3/4 scale articulation, something Mattel has not caught up to, and that surprises me.

Hope you enjoyed my first installment of Marvelous Mondays, and hope you return for more of my wandering Marvel Toy Collection.


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Brian Ashmore said...

Great idea, Bubba!

These little 3 3/4 Marvel guys are SO cool. I've almost bought a couple of them but don't want to go down that's a slippery slope. I think it's so cool that so many companies are doing figures in this scale now. These would have blown my mind as a kid.