Friday, February 19, 2010

"What a Piece of Junk!"

All this talk of Toy Fair and lists and whatnot has got me in a Star Wars sort of mood. I'll admit I haven't been on a Star Wars kick in about three years, maybe more. Sure I always love to talk Star Wars but lately I find myself counting the days till that big AT-AT shows up in stores and I seem to spend a little longer in the Star Wars section of the toy aisle.

So you might be seeing a little more Star Wars focus in some posts here and there. What better way to start than with my Vintage Die Cast Millennium Falcon. Before I start I have to say I love this toy, probably one of my top ten Star Wars toys that I have owned. Plus it was lost for the longest time.

I don't know if you remember the story of how I got my Vintage Mego Spock back, I'll wait while you catch up. Back? Well, you guessed it, that second item to fall from that bag was none other than my long lost Falcon. I had thought about this toy for years, where did it go too, I had no clue. The last time I remember playing with it was in the back yard on a Summer's day and I had just lost a BB inside of it. Who knows why I was playing with this and a BB, but it got stuck inside through one of the landing gear bays. I remember being frustrated that I couldn't shake the thing out.

When this thing fell from the bag it still had the freaking BB in it! I did get it out later, seemed all too easy now.

It's a little more beat up and not as minty fresh, but I think that adds to the Falcon's story. I mean this thing has seen some adventures.

See how easy it would be to get a BB stuck in there?

Gear up!

1979 Goodness!

Looks like Chewie is driving to me, this always seemed odd to me when I was a kid, Chewie sits on the other side.

Man that is a thing of beauty, isn't it. I wonder how much lead I ingested from all the paint that is missing, ah who cares I still had fun with this thing.


Brian Ashmore said...

Don't you just love finding stuff like this?! Great post!! Your Falcon looks like it's in nice shape. The bit of paint wear actually makes it look more like the "real" ship.

These die-casts were so great. I had the tie-fighter but lost it when I took it to school, somehow. I do still have my Y-wing that was from this same set. I'm going to have to dig that out.

Sometimes, I really hate ALL that Star Wars has become... all the expanded universe stuff, cartoons, new movies, etc. I hate the fact that I can look at a Star Wars toy display these days and not know who half the characters are. It's all gotten so "trooper-centric" lately.

Seeing toys like your Falcon takes me back to when Star Wars was simple and mainly about the Skywalker family... just a boy, a girl, and a galaxy.

Bubbashelby said...

Nice Falcon! I remember my cousin having this one - I had the X-Wing and Tie Fighter die-casts. I agree with Brian, Star Wars, and life, was so much simpler back then!

Doc Atomic said...

I loved this toy! I remember having it as a kid... I've recently gotten back into Star Wars toys, but like Brian said above, I'm just sick and overwhelmed by all the new stuff. Too much, too much.

The old toys have some soul to them. A weird kind of innocence. I don't know how else to describe it.

But the Falcon is a great toy, and I definitely would love to have mine back again. Congrats on finding yours!

saruman said...

wow man... what a story.. congrats on the finding!

LEon said...

Goodness gracious 1979! Beside some paint chip, it still look very much intact. Please take good care of it and never loose it again ya?

rob! said...

I had this thing forrrrrever. I banged the crap out of it, but it never broke. Good times.