Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Trying to stay on budget is not like dusting crops...

My Dusty Fett

Boy! Check all this cool stuff from Toy Fair 2010 out! My budget is shot! Just kidding, I may have some hope, but it will be tight. First up, why is my dusty Vintage Boba Fett headlining this post? Because he's just as excited to see my first must have of the year, Vintage Rocket Firing Boba Fett!

Hear me know and believe me later, this is going to be the year of Boba Fett! Not the whinny one that lost it in the Sarlac Pit in Jedi, but the mysterious, Bad Mother that was in Empire! I am so digging this figure because it is based on the vintage one, and that rocket gimmick isn't hurting it's chances for my love either.

the "New" Vintage Fett, about time!

Now, nobody swallow ANY toys or toy parts till we get this thing in our hands. Understood?

Next up of course is how we get this awesome figure, you have to buy Star Wars figures and send in those proof of purchases. So knowing I'm a sucker for some vintage looking packaging, Hasbro is going to resurrect the Vintage Original Trilogy line, except ditching the extra packaging, and hopefully the extra cost, and straight up releasing these new sculpts on vintage style card backs. Sweet! Like I need another Vader.

Big Freaking AT-AT toy!

Now, what would a Empire-tastic celebration be without that big freaking AT-AT. Yes, I am on board for this big piece of beautiful Rebel killing machine! Go here and check out the video. Nuff said, want, want, want.

Little Cute AT-AT toy!

I also found something for my Nephew this coming Christmas. How cool is this little bitty AT-AT? I might need one of these as well.

That should do me for Star Wars, now onto DC Superhero goodness. Mattel has relaunched the Mego style with the help of Dr. Mego himself and his pals of EMCE toys. These are actually on the list, so I'm good. I can't wait to get my hands on Batman and Aquaman, but check it out... two Face and Black Manta. Too sweet.

Also this little fishy is swimming in from the JLU line, not on the list, but it will be mine.

Now, the list is being bombarded from all sides. Star Wars and DC Superheroes, but where is the Trek? Well, EMCE and Diamond Select have some more Mego Goodness coming from the Classic Trek line. Captain Pike (Pre Wheelchair), Orion Slave Girl (still out if it's Vina or Martia), Nurse Chapel and the Salt Vampire. At freaking last! No pictures were available, but I can't wait to see these. Oh and then there is this.

That's right a Minimates scale Shuttlecraft, packed with a battle damaged Spock. Man I think that's one for the Spocklection there.

Lego has a ton of things coming out, too many for me to list right now, but a new Slave I is on the horizon with a new Boba Fett Mini fig and freaking Bossk! I will sell a body part for this set.

Last but not least I have an eye on this little piece of the Marvel Universe. That's right Galactus. I failed in my quest to pick up one when Toy Biz made him, and then released parts to make one with their Marvel Legends, now I intend to correct that mistake.

That's it for my Toy Fair wants, I'm sure I have forgotten stuff like the Venture Bros Figures or the Gremlin from the Twilight Zone, even the Flash Gordon Stuff, Oh and the countless individual figures I'm sure to want. Man it's going to be a tough year. More than likely I will not get everything here, but I will try to get some and review it here, until then you have to deal with the traveling Spock and stuff from my current collection!

Hasbro upcoming product photos shamelessly appropriated from the Star Wars Blog : )


Mario! said...

If you need any extra UPCs for the mail-away Boba Fett, I'm sure I'll have leftovers. I'm really looking forward to getting this one. And the AT-AT! Once August hits, I'm going to be spending so much on Star Wars toys...

LEon said...

I used to have a vintage Boba too but it was not with the rocket launching feature.

Bubbashelby said...

Yeah that new/retro Boba fett is a must have!

chunky B said...

LEon, I don't think many of us saw a real rocket firing Boba Fett back then. Mines the standard fixed rocket as well.

They did release one in the early 2000's I think it was the 300th figure to be exact. I'll dig mine out and shoot some pictures sometime.

Mario, I may take you up on that offer, I'll shoot you an email when we get closer to this mail away offer. Thanks!

Bubba, you said a mouthful...

Darius Whiteplume said...

When I was a kid, and Kenner was doing the "save points for free new figures" thing, someone in the neighborhood got the recalled missile firing Fett. His dad returned it so his little Johnny could have the same one as everyone else. Dumb ass.

I still don't get the Boba Fett fascination. He didn't really do anything but die like a punk in Return. I'm gonna say it: "Boba Fett was a Red Shirt."

chunky B said...

Darius, that is the first time I have ever heard of anyone actually getting one in the mail, and I agree D to the U to the M to the B A$$.

My fascination with Boba Fett was Empire, he was this Bad Looking MF, then Jedi happened, then the the Special Editions and the nail in the coffin was the kid in Attack of the Clones, how sad was that. I thought they might save him in the Clone Wars cartoons, but the Mandalorians look to be bitter wimps so far, oh well I'll always have Empire. I somewhat agree he has been over pimped out, they should have left it at Empire.

Brian Ashmore said...

Aaaagh! They announced new Retro Action figures!!! Where have I been? The Batman headsculpt looks a little wonky but everything else looks good and Mego-ey.

Brian Ashmore said...

Oh, and if that Bruce Wayne is some sort of hard to get chase figure, I'm going to poke someone in the eye!!

chunky B said...

Hey Brian, I think it's going to be a removable cowl sort of thing with Batman, they were showing two so you could see it with and without. I also believe these are the preliminary sculpts, so that cowl is not the removable version yet.

That was my only complaint, that the Batman Cowl looked a little weird, fingers crossed that it will improve.

Brian Ashmore said...

Ah, I hope you are right. I'm not very fond of either sculpt at this point. I hope they improve things quite a bit before production.

Both of those AT ATs are uber-cool!!

The little one will join our household, for sure.

James Sawyer said...

I am so freaking stoked for the rocket firing Fett! I MUST have that! Just when I think I've totally walked away from Star Wars, they reel me right back in!