Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Awards out the yang!

Holy Cow, people actually read this thing???

The past week I have received a few of these Lovely Blog Awards. First I was awarded one from Samurai Frog of Electronic Cerebrectomy, then my good pal Bubba Shelby of Toyriffic hit me with another one. A few days later and I receive a comment on my blog that I had been awarded another one from Erick of Wonderful Wonder Blog, but the love didn't stop there because recent Spockcation Host Robert from Retro Hound graced me with yet another Lovely Blog Award. Which leaves me to think I might be doing something someone likes, though I have my doubts.

So I have the Lovely Blog Award to the Fourth Power! I'm actually blushing a bit, to think I started this thing so I could kill some time with my toys. Thanks to all of the above blogs for believing in me!

Now, I'm supposed to award this to a few other blogs, the number doesn't seem set in stone so I'm going to do what Samurai Frog has done and award it seven times, but that's seven times for each time I received it to date! I'm also going to break it up a bit into four categories. If I don't mention your blog, please don't be offended, I love you all, that's why I follow or link to your blog.

My First category is daily reads. These are without a doubt the ones I go to daily rain or shine:

1) The Aquaman Shrine
2) Plaidstallions
3) Toyriffic
4) The Bat Blog
5) A Year of Toys
6) The Toy Museum
7) Geek Orthodox

Second category is toys. Blogs that talk about or show toys on some level or the other, the fun things in life:

8) Yesterville Toy Room
9) Under the Giant Penny
10) Nerd Squared
11) Weirdo Toys
12) Open the Toy
13) A Piece of the Action
14) Attic of Astounding Artifacts

Third is interests. All the pop culture stuff I find interesting. Oh, and more toys:

15) Nostalgia Factory
16) Ant Sized Man
17) Why Did I buy That Toy?
18) Branded in the 80s
19) Hey Kids, Comics!
20) I lIke Toys
21) The Undiscovered Playthings

Fourth, guilty pleasures. I just enjoy reading what these people have to say or show (some may not be child friendly, fair warning):

22) Calvin's Canadian Cave of Cool
23) Occasional Superheroine
24) Secret Fun Blog
25) Puppatoons
26) The Sexy Armpit
27) 3-D Monster
28) Electronic Cerebrectomy

Holy cow that is a lot of blogs. Some are from the same people that awarded me, ha ha. A mutual appreciation society I guess. A lot are about toys, what can I say, I guess I shouldn't have broke them out into categories. If I win more I guess I can finish off my blog roll and followers as, like I said, I enjoy a variety of blogs. Go check some out, that's why I have a links section.

Thanks again, everyone, for doing what you do.


LEon said...

Hey thanks for mentioning my blog! It's an honor. :)

Doc Atomic said...

Wow! Thanks for the mention. My very first web award. Aw shucks...

Brian Ashmore said...

Thanks, Bubba!!!!!! Much appreciated!!!

chunky B said...

Bubba's the other toy nut...

Brian Ashmore said...

Wait!! Where am I? What day is this? Which way is up?

My sincerest apologies, Chunky. I was talking to you but Bubba's name popped in my head. I love both of your blogs and typed without thinking enough.

Thanks, ChunkyB!!!!!

I'm an idiot.

chunky B said...

Just giving you a hard time.

Brian Ashmore said...

I know but I feel terrible for not thinking... I know you best by your actual name.

Nostalgic Gangsta said...

Awesome! Thanks for including me in your selections. I'm honored!
Love your blog.Keep up the great work and say hi to Spock for me. We miss him down here.

Mario! said...

Thanks for the mention, I'm flattered!

Bubbashelby said...

Hahahah @ Brian B's guffaw.

Bubbashelby said...

oops, I meant Brian A. ;) :P

And thanks for the shout-out CB!

James Sawyer said...

Wow! Thanks man! I really appreciate the mention and the award! I had no idea there was such a thing as this award... You definitely deserve to receive it mulitple times for your work!

Dan said...

Hey, thanks for the list award! Guess I need to focus on taking out number 5! JK Mario! Good blogs to all!

Jay Amabile said...

thank you for the mention! Being in that category is AWESOME!!! I'm honored!