Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another Award!

So, not too long ago I received this award a few times.  I then awarded it to a list of blogs in groups of seven, since I received it four times that was a whopping 28 award floating out there.

Well my buddy James at A Piece of the Action re-awarded me so now I can send it to seven more blogs I enjoy. Thanks James for the award! This time I'm just going for pure enjoyment.

1) What My Dad Saw - What a great name for a blog, Brain B is the other half of Under the Giant Penny, but his main blog takes vintage photos from his Dad's camera and posts them for all to see. I guess it's a little bit voyeuristic, but even looking at these wonderful photos can spark your own memories.

2) My Star Trek Scrapbook - I know I've said this before but what a wonderful site. Whenever I need a look at some classic Star Trek nostalgia I head for the Scrapbook. I have never saved that much in the way of articles and ads from things I like, but I'm glad Frederick has, I could spend more time there than I should at lunch break.

3) Once Upon a Geek - Holy cow this is like a geek convention, there is so much different geek things to see here that it should be a convention. Another great place to kill your lunch hour.

4) Adventures in Nerdliness - Another nice selection of pop culture and general nerdy type stuff, plus he just had a contest where he gave away his Blue Snaggletooth. How freaking cool is that!

5) A Sampler of Things - Vintage everything and Mr. Toast, nuff said.

6) Springfield Punx - Sweet, sweet Simpsons goodness... Gaaaaaaaahhhhhh...

7) Cavalcade of Awesome - I just love the name of this blog, plus it doesn't hurt that it is full of awesome and ninjas and cool toys and, and...

Well, that's it congratulations and thanks for blogging on your bloggy blogs!


Darius Whiteplume said...

Many thanks!

I just might have a Mego McCoy soon (fingers crossed), so spock might have a friendly face around if he makes it to the 'Nam.

jboypacman said...

Congrats on the award and am going to go give these other blogs a look see.

Paxton said...

Thanks for the award, man!

I shall treasure it, and cuddle it and name it George....