Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Back to the Fight

Okay first I have to note a couple of things.

1) Yes this is a Happy Meal Toy, of Obi Wan's Jedi Starfighter. I want to say it's from the Clone Wars Cartoon, since I do not remember this configuration from the prequels.

2) After watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution the other night, it will probably be the last time I get a Happy Meal in my life.

The current Happy Meal campaign is Star Wars and I think some other property that escapes me cause it's not as important as Star Wars, well actually this campaign should be wrapping up soon if it already hasn't. Back in the day I used to go crazy and try to get all the Happy Meal Toys I could and instead of just buying them flat out I would get them with a meal. I've said time and time again how Taco Bell ruined me during their Star Wars toy run.

I hadn't planned on getting any of these, I had tried to get the Burger King Star Trek set, but gave up after a couple of trips. My stomach couldn't take it anymore and they never had the ones I wanted when I tried to buy them out right. Back to these, I was strolling along the information highway and peeped a picture of the Yoda from the set, believe me it looked cool, so I thought I would try and get one. What I got was this guy, not bad, and after I opened it really was a lot of fun. If they haven't used this key concept on Hot Wheels, they should. They could build the spring into them like they did here, it would be awesome.

Now why no more Happy Meals (at least Chicken Nuggets)? Chef Jamie Oliver did a demonstration on how Chicken Nuggets are made during his new show Food Revolution. He did proceed his demo by saying that they are not made this way in this country. You know what? I don't care, cause after seeing his demo just thinking about those little golden nugget shaped chicken piles makes my stomach queasy. The demo didn't work on the kids he was showing, and he declared it a failure. Well, Mr. Oliver you convinced me, so demo one, nuggets zero.

Not that I eat that much junk food anymore, but when I did I used to enjoy the nuggets. I'm not naive, I realize they are processed and ever once in a while I feel is okay, I don't eat these everyday. I would probably be dead by now if I did, but I cannot shake that demo from my head, I wish I could find it online to show you. Another thing I cannot shake is that the school officials did not let their younger kids use knives and forks to eat with, they served items that could be eaten with their hands or a spoon. That just seems crazy to me, I remember using and getting knives, forks and spoons when I was Kindergarden through High School, that just blows my mind.

So some closing thoughts: This toy is pretty cool, smaller than I thought it would be, about the size of a Hot Wheels car. I'm now just realizing that to get this type a toy a kid has to choke down some junk food, sure they offer healthy snake alternatives now, but come on I don't think kids will eat sliced apples with their Happy Meal. I could be wrong, I hope so. Also, I wish Chef Oliver the best of luck with his Food Revolution. May the Force be with him!


LEon said...

It is a cool toy! Jedi starfighter!

Bubbashelby said...

Cool Starfighter. Some toy car makers have featured that key/spring combo in the past, including Hotwheels (I believe.)

My wife loves that show, so I am sure I will be seeing the episode you mention soon. We watch most tv online so we are usually a few days behind the curve.

Mario! said...

The Jedi starfighters looked like that in Attack of the Clones.

chunky B said...

Mario, the AOTC starfighters had the droid socket to the pilots left, like the ROTS fighters. Remember? I think these with the droid in front of the pilot are a CW re-design.

Bubba, don't eat right before you watch it.

Mario! said...

Ah, good eye! I wasn't even paying attention to the droid socket. In that case, I believe you are right that it is a Clone Wars era starfighter.