Thursday, April 1, 2010

Taco Bell Yoda you speak of

I mentioned yesterday the Taco Bell premiums of 1996 and thought I would show the under three toy from the set. I have since given away all my other toys from this set, which makes me think it wasn't really worth all those Taco Bell lunches back then to get them. Makes me think of all the crazy stuff I still do for toys today and if any of it is worth it.

This little PVC figurine always reminds me of the Yoda from Empire, I think this will always be my generation's Yoda and not the one that hopped around in the prequels.


saruman said...

Really Cool this Yoda is!

LEon said...

this figure is a well made yoda capturing most of yoda essence. Feel like the old trilogy yoda when he is still a Muppet. Good work from CHina. LOL