Thursday, March 18, 2010

Gone! Gone! -- the form of man...

... Wrise, the Lil' Demon Etrigan! This is the two pack from series two of the Brave and The Bold Action League that I had been waiting for. I never really followed The Demon Etrigan, but having seen him in action on the JLU and BATB cartoons I have grown to like this character.

These Action League sets are pretty cool, I tend to like the exaggerated style of all these type of little figures whether its Star Wars, Batman, GI Joe and so on, I just dig this type of treatment for a toy.

This set is pretty episode specific, it includes the Batman in his Dark Knight getup and the Demon from the episode Day of the Knight!, I think in this case the Demon was on the side of right as Batman was under control of Morgan Le Fey. The episode takes place in Camelot, where Merlin has transported Batman and Green Arrow back through time to help over through Morgan Le Fey and return the throne to King Arthur. You know your standard Batman stuff.

Besides the Demon, the Batman in this set is pretty cool, I mean armor and a sword, plus its Batman. What else could you ask for? When I picked this up and opened it I didn't notice, but my Demon seems to have a little problem under his pits. I'm not sure if this was a paint overspray error or if the plastic is having some sort of freaky reaction to air. Or he could be changing back into his mortal form Jason Blood.

"Look out Bats! or should I say get him Etrigan!"


jboypacman said...

Now they gone and did it....They made the Demon...Cute lol.

Bubbashelby said...

Having grown up in the eighties, when a lot of overly sensitive groups were getting a lot of press by calling our toys and games "satanic," (Masters of the Universe, Dungeons and Dragons etc.) I get a little tinge of victory when a toy like The Demon Etrigan makes an appearance.

rob! said...

You should have written this whole post in rhyme.