Friday, March 19, 2010

Spock Stop 14: Bellevue, NE

I was beginning to think Spock was buried in the snow somewhere in Nebraska. I was getting worried that he wouldn't find his way to a Federation outpost and arrange for transport to his next destination, but rest assured Spock's host in Minnesota has contacted us at Spockcation Command and he is there and getting ready to explore.

Until we get some more reports from the road I have a few picks from his stay in Nebraska. Spock was supposed to visit two states, Nebraska and Iowa, on this stop. Then the "Snowpocalypse" hit and he pretty much hung around Nebraska. Oh well good thing Spock has a flexible schedule. His host Chellie reports he had a pretty good time considering he wasn't dressed for hoth (oops wrong universe), I guess that would be Delta Vega. On to Spockcation!

Now, these first few pictures arrived with little explanation, then I found out that they were taken at a costume party known as the Groundhog Prom. That's pretty much all I found out about that, except that apparently they drink a lot at this event and out of the eight to ten photos I received Spock was in three, unless he was the designated driver (hard to believe given Spock's track record) or he was shooting the pictures.

Sister Chellie rescues Spock from a bounty hunter

"Mr. T pity the fool!"

Ah, I'm not sure if this is a costume or not...

After the party Spock was pretty much snow bound so he hung out with his Host's family.

"Yes I do see light in your ear when you open your mouth" Spock, always willing to lend a hand.

Learning the long lost earth tradition of bunny ears.

He did venture out to see the Cpitol Building in Lincoln, Nebraska.

"Yes, fascinating, but can I get back in the transport now?"

The back by a warm fire with a new friend.

I think that should be "I Grok Nebraska, just saying"

Spock should be back into the swing of things now that the snow seems to be melting. I'm looking forward to his pictures from Minnesota join us back here for more Spockcation and remember... Live long and prosper.


jboypacman said...

Glad to see Spock is enjoying himself in his travels.

Bubbashelby said...

Good to see Spock is back on track!

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