Thursday, March 25, 2010

LEGO X-Wing set 6212

All this talk about Star Wars makes me well, feel a little bit Star Warsie, so thought I would throw some shots up of the awesome Lego X-Wing. This is a pretty pricey little LEGO set, and I have been wanting it for a couple of years. It always seemed when money was tight they had a ton of them at the store, when money was available they all dried up. So I guess finally after Christmas circumstances were just right for the perfect LEGO storm and I finally landed this set.

First up is the minifigs. You get a Luke and Wedge in X-Wing gear, R2-D2, a Hoth Leia, Bespin Han and Chewbacca. The set includes extra pieces to decorate the fighter like Luke's Red Five or Wedge's Red Two. That's kinda sweet, but now that I think about it LEGO may have made a mistake and included Red Three markings, oh well I guess you can just take one of the red bits off and you have Red Two.

I remember the first time I saw Star Wars and the X-Wing "locked the S-Foils in attack position" holy cow I though that was the coolest thing ever. I mean the wings freaking moved! I still think it's a pretty neat feature. What's cool about this set is there is a whole little LEGO mechanism that helps you do this, let's take a look.

The rubber bands are to keep the wings tight and not flop around while you turn the wheel at the bottom that drivers the cog and gears that turn two "T" like assemblies that are between the wings. As this T assembly turns it spreads the wings apart, it's really kind of a neat solution. I especially like how they made sure you had smooth surfaced bricks for the assembly to glide on instead of it getting caught up on a brick peg.

The front landing gear is kind of a cool set up as well and located right behind (not pictured) is a storage area for when you want to take a trip to Dagobah. It's also a nice place to store Luke's Lightsaber.

There's a spot for R2 right behind the cockpit so he can lock down that stabilizer. Which reminds me besides getting shot, did you see the shape that R2 was in when they took him out of the back of the X-Wing? That would be the last time I would ride back there.

Finally a nice fly over... Whoooooosh! Overall I like this set, the price was the only thing I would fault it for, but then again LEGO always seems to be a bit pricey, which when you think about it, it's not like they are reinventing the wheel every time. 90% of these kits use pretty much the same pieces, with a few new ones mixed in, do they really have to cost so much?

Oh well it's not like I'm going to build a squadron of these, though that would be sweet. My next set is one I have had sitting in a closet for a real long time and I think it's about time to build. Stay tuned.


Dan said...

I don't mind the price as its made in Denmark or something for a change. The rubber bands on my technic Darth have worn way out. Need to replace them. Nice set!

Action Ranger Timmy said...

Oh man, I should get me one of those.