Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Remember This?

That's right it's the 2005 re-released "Early Bird" Cardboard display. I had been talking with Brian from the Yesterville Toy Room and threw out my idea of collecting the original twelve figures from the backdrop, but the newer versions. Which Brian seemed to latch onto this rather quickly ( I hope I don't get him in any trouble and I hope he doesn't mind that I share this with you).

All this talk lead to us discussing the definitive figures for each of the characters. What is cool is we both have our preferences and while Brian has talked me into hunting down a new C3-PO and possibly a new Luke, the discussions have reignited my love for Original Trilogy toys.

So, I'm starting with this cardboard backdrop and will be updating my progress to complete this little display here in there. It's not a contest to see who can finish first and this may take a while, I may even have a slight head start, characters may be swapped for better versions, but in the end it just seemed like a fun thing to do. Isn't that what collecting is all about?


Doc Atomic said...

I know the feeling. About three months ago, a fit of nostalgia lead me to start hunting down the original 12 figures. I also decided to get one of the original plastic display stands -- the one with the 12 swivel pads for the figures, a long sticker on the front with all their names, and the cardboard back depicting an X-Wing being shot at by a TIE fighter.

My parameters were pretty simple: The toys had to be complete and in nice condition; they had to be loose (so I could display them); and they had to be as inexpensive as possible (this is a side-hobby for me, after all).

So far, I've been doing pretty well. I got the stand (which was surprisingly easy). I've also managed to pick up a Jawa (with the cloth cloak, not the more expensive vinyl one); C-3PO, Darth Vader, a Tusken Raider; Luke; and R2 (my favorite of all the figures).

It's been a lot of fun diving back into Star Wars. The only downside is that, as I've been picking up the original 12, I've found my ability to avoid some of the other figures slipping... I have a suspicion that my collection will continue to expand once I've completed my original mission!

Good luck and happy hunting!

jboypacman said...

While am not a big Star Wars fan anymore those original released figures hold a special place for me from when i was a kid and it would be pretty cool to have a few of my favorites again.

Looking forward to seeing you fill up your cardboard display Chunky. : )

chunky B said...

@ Doc - I pretty much have my originals in various states of condition, unfortunately though my original R2 is lost, I think it was placed somewhere in a quick pack up because of a washer flood. I plan on replacing him and a Han Solo, so I might be setting this dispaly up a few times with different versions 78, 95 and modern. Should be fun. Also I know what you mean about picking up other figures, I'm already thinking about the Empire wave.

@jboypacman - The original 12, I think may a hold a special place in all our hearts. I count that as one of my most favorite Star Wars periods.

LEon said...

You have some pretty hard one inside if you want them to be in the same costume as in the card for the new version. Does that include the x-wing and the tie fighter in the background? :P

I will be following you till "your circle is completed". :)

Brian Ashmore said...

...and we're off! :)

This will be fun. Great stand.

You're right about the Empire figures... this could be a slippery slope.

chunky B said...

Leon - I have the Tie Fighter and X-Wing Covered, or at least versions I like anyway. Matching the costume will probably not work for a couple, The Death Squad, err I mean Death Star Trooper is one, they never really appeared in gray except on the artwork and the vintage line. So we are going for more of what we think are the best.

Brian - I just looked on Rebel Scum at the list of vintage figures through Empire, that is a big list, so we may be at this for quite a while, LOL.

Dan said...

I thought about starting to collect these too, but I think I better sell some toys and invest in a new Camera soon. That would be fun.

Retro Hound said...

I have the Sandperson, Darth Vader, C3P0, and a Stormtrooper to sell if you want them.