Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gonk! Sandfest 2010, Day Two!

Well, we only went to one day I had to split it up because Gonk got a little happy shooting pictures. The event does actually last a few days, and though we didn't stay for the judging it was said that they blew up the losers sand castles. I actually would have liked to have seen that, just the safety issue alone seems worth it, plus how would you like to enter a competition and loose and then the judges say okay... BLAM!

Let's get onto the photos, Gonk and I saved the best for last!

Our hotel didn't have a great view of the beach, but Gonk loved the view. He was excited to see all his fellow "Droids" on the roof enjoying the sun.

Here's a picture of a Texas beach, gray sand and gray green water, I hear it turns to white sand and blue water the further you get down the coast though I have never seen it.

Didn't bring the equipment to build sandcastles, then build your own.

I have a buddy who works on these things, he would get a kick out of these...

Looks like one of Aquaman's troops, an armored sea horse.

Hey buddy watch the hands... of course maybe she digs it, she is smiling. Nice helmet, bet that starts to get hot around noon.

This is Gonk's and my favorite entry, I can't wait to see when they update the official site and see if this one won.

Here's a detail shot, actually my favorite part of this one.

A detail of the building block head, too bad LEGO's are not that curvy.

Another shot of Mr. Potato Head, that robot is not too shabby either.

This one is our second favorite, it is full of all sorts of win! A Surfboard, A Big Samoan and a Tiki! Some of these sculptors were from as far away as Italy, I didn't catch were this guy was from, but if he was from Hawaii I just want to say I'm sorry our beach is not as pretty.

Gonk! thought he would get in on the action, but we didn't have the nice sand they brought in for the competition, still a great effort little guy!

Gonk! being mighty proud of his castle, he's king of the world!

Time to check out, Gonk! had to leave a little note for the staff... He may not be an astromech, but he did stay at a Holiday Inn last night : )

One more stroll on the beach before we loaded up and headed on home!

That was a fun little trip. Gonk! hopes everyone enjoyed it and he has another trip planned real soon. So check back and see where Gonk! goes next.

Gonk! Gonk!


jboypacman said...

Gonk just knows how to have fun! lol.

Bubbashelby said...

Nice sand work there, Gonk!

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Dano said...

Looked like fun - great pics!