Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gonk! Sandfest 2010

Well Gonk! has made his first trip. An overnight stay in Corpus Christi, Texas and a visit to Sandfest 2010! Actually Sanfest is held on an island known as Mustang Island in the town of Port Aransas, we ended up staying in Corpus Christi probably a 15 to 20 minute drive away.

Gonk's first stop was at a little dive called Snoopy's Pier. We have been going there since the eighties, some of the best fried shrimp in town. Plus if you are out fishing you can pull right up and hop onto the pier and get lunch. Gonk had a pretty good time.

Though Gonk doesn't eat seafood, he still joined us out on the deck and watched the seagulls and pelicans play in the channel.

After a late lunch we were off to Sandfest 2010!

I gave Gonk the camera and let him shoot pictures of all the sand castles, he kept flirting with this mermaid, she was just sand but you can't tell a Power Droid anything.

Gonk wasn't sure if this was an Ogre or a Troll, I wasn't either...

Gonk wanted to climb this one to the top, but they had all the castles roped off.

I have to agree with Gonk on this one in that it had sort of a cool 2-D feel to it.

Here's a nice little detail.

There were a few "ladies" being sculpted and a couple including big hands, not sure if this was a theme that they had to do, I figured the competition was open.

A lady sleeping on the world... okay...

This one was sort of neat, very clean too.

this one reminded Gonk and I of Where the Wild Things Are.

The film had a Shell shape going on...

Like this one!

Gonk! then decided to take a stroll on the beach.

Tune back in tomorrow for some more pictures of Gonk's trip to the Texas coast. I did learn an important lesson on this trip, two actually. One, if you want to keep the trip down to one post don't let Gonk have the camera and Two, Gonk is extremely light and a good wind (especially from the ocean) tends to take him away.

Well see you tomorrow! Gonk, Gonk!


jboypacman said...

Sounds like and looks like a great time for Gonk i hope he did't get sand in his Gears or its going to be a hot oil bath for him lol.

Brian Ashmore said...

Cool day at the beach! Love the sandcastles.