Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How cool would this cop show be?

I thought this when I was opening these bad boys up and checking them out. It seems like it has taken me forever to get my hands on these two figures, but in reality it's only been since 2007. I feel a little guilty this year because I took some of my Birthday winnings and spent it on myself instead of doing the responsible thing like pay a bill or something. Some of the things I did pick up was a few items on eBay, on the cheap of course. More on this later, oh and I guess I'm behind on updating my budget posts as well.

These two came from an auction that I won for less than four bucks, plus as a bonus it came with another Concept Snowtrooper. Not the new one, but the one from 2007 seen here. Also the seller shipped it late and threw in an open Phantom Menace figure for good measure, LOL, it's pretty bad when they start using Phantom Menace figures for packing.

How cool is Concept Vader? So cool he comes with two different heads! The only thing that could be considered a draw back is that Hasbro didn't use ball joints for the elbows. That's not enough to not make it one of my favorite Vaders! Plus he's sporting a pistol, I guess if Concept Stormtroopers can have lightsabers then Vader can have a blaster. Speaking of Concept Stormtroopers, I have never seen one of these when they were released in the wild either. Good thing I found the older, but much less decorated one when it was released as a Fan's Choice #4 figure in 2003.

Now, I have been wanting a Concept Chewbacca for a long time, like Concept Vader, I have never seen them in stores. I did spy one at a LCS for a reasonable price, but it sold before I decided to finally buy it. That's how it goes when you second guess a price in a comic shop. made out better in the long run though... hee hee.

Chewie has not one, but two blasters. A pistol he can holster...sweet, and a huge rifle he can club you with. I often wonder if Chewie would have been as lovable if he looked like this in the movie, I'm thinking not so much.

That's it for my Star Wars eBay scores, the rest were some Spocks to boost the ranks of the Spocklection, I promise I'll get to those down the road.


jboypacman said...

I love these concept figures better than the actual figures themselves!

I wan a Star Wars "Reboot" with these guys lol.

LEon said...

I have the concept Darth Vader too and the saber look too big for him. Maybe that's how they design during the concept phase? Overall you had a good buy for 4 bucks!

rob! said...

If this was a buddy cop show, the guy who played Uncle Owen could've been their crusty Sergeant, who is always calling Chewie and Darth onto the carpet for their constant breaking of the rules.

But, damn it, they get results!