Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spock Stop 15: Columbia Heights, MN

It's time for a Spockcation Report from the Road! Spock's 15th stop is in Columbia Heights, Minnesota at the home of Ed of the Mego Museum! Ed and Spock's vacations overlapped a little so Spock had some down time to read through Ed's mail, remember Spock here on earth intercepting communications is frowned upon.

Once Ed returned though, Spock and him had a great time exploring in Minnesota so I'll turn it over to Ed and let the Spockcation begin!

"Honestly, who invites a Vulcan into their home and then goes on vacation? Ah well, at least I got to watch the snow melt from here.. And once they get back, I'll have free run of the pl-."

"Oh, dear."

"First that creature, and now this! CAN YOU HEAR ME? ARE YOU ALL RIGHT? What kind of house of horrors is this? I need something to settle my nerves..."

"On second thought, after Colorado, Maybe I'll hold off and just relax."

"This is better! At least I've got the guest room to myself! Wonder what else there is to do around here?"

"This is much tougher than it looks..."

"GAH! This is no better! I should get out and explore."

"And so here I am in lovely downtown Minneapolis, site of..."

"The brand-spanking new ballpark, Target Field! Let's check it out!"

"Hey- It's Kirby Puckett!"

"And Harmon Killebrew - whoa! Easy with that thing, big guy!"

"This place is SWEET!"

"Oh yeah, we're right next to the Target Center too, but the Timberwolves suck, so let's move on."

"One more thing I have to do before I go... it's me and one of my television contemporaries, Mary Tyler Moore!"

"Say 'so long,' Mary!"

Spock looks like he had a blast and he is amazingly well rested for someone who has been living out of a suitcase for a year. I guess a long vacation would do that. I wish I could just travel around and explore like Spock, I have a feeling I would eat and drink more than him and nobody would want to clean up after my messes. Oh well, until our next stop in Illinois (looks like we have two stops there)... Live long and prosper.


jboypacman said...

It's good to be the Spock lol.

LEon said...

interesting city. Spock a happy chap.