Monday, April 26, 2010

Marvelous Mondays! The Almost Forgot Edition!

The only thing that sucks about vacation is that it has to end, talk about having your work waiting for you when you return. I was so busy playing catch up I almost forgot my Marvelous Monday Post.

Here's a quick post (and photo) of a recent find. By recent I mean yesterday, so recent I haven't had a chance to set him free from his plastic prison. Okay, so, I was just talking to a friend about when you are on vacation and away from toy stores it doesn't seem like a big deal, then you return and find yourself in a store and its like all the cool stuff came out while you were away.

Now, I actually had seen this one in a Toys R Us a few weeks ago and passed because someone had ripped open the package and removed his foot. What they were going to do with his foot is beyond me, apparently they needed it really bad. Maybe it had two wrong feet like my Green Arrow.

I'm not too familiar with the Extremis story arc, but that is cool because hasbro was thoughtful enough to include a little write up on the back of the package, long story short Tony Stark has little nano-bots in him now that link him to his armor making him virtually invincible. Like all superheroes I guess, the invincible part not the nano-bots. I like that these are starting to come with stands, sort of like the GI Joes.

Still it was cool to see a few of these hanging on the pegs of the Magic Grocery Store, and on the back there are a few others I need to find. I think in this series the Arch Angel and Thor Reborn are supposed to be shipping, two I have to find. Plus the Vintage Looking Cap and Bucky (with a rather un-vintage looking M-16) look like they could be cool.

Well, that's it for this Marvelous Monday, excelsior and all that! Tune back in later in the week for some more of Gonk's Travel Photos and a Spockcation Update!

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jboypacman said...

Very nice looking Iron-Man i had to do some reading up online to get me up to speed on the goings on with "Old Shell-Head".