Friday, April 2, 2010

Mattel WGSH: Green Arrow

I just realized I haven't posted this guy yet, man am I behind!

Matty Collector offered up Green Arrow here last December as a way to kick things off for the new Mattel "Megos".

There is actually a funny story that goes with this guy, the night I received him in the mail I was checking out the Mego Forums and noted that one of the members had received one with two right feet. I laughed, then it bugged me so much I had to check. Sure enough mine had two left feet. Arrrrrrrrgh! Okay it didn't bug me that much, but I wasn't about to go to Mattel with this problem, I might never see my Green Arrow again. I did offer up a foot trade though with the member that had two rights. about a week or so latter we had made our exchange and both parties were happy that Green Arrow could now stand on correct footings.

Before Bubbashelby can rib me, which I know is coming, yes you have to take the entire costume off to fix his feet. But you know what? Try to fix just the feet on a non dolly figure. Huh, huh? That's what I thought.

All that aside I'm really digging this line and cannot wait to pick up the other two from the first series and then this summer get Batman and Two Face! If you missed the Green Arrow though I think Matty may be getting ready to release some more into the market. You can check here.


James Sawyer said...

Argh! Why did I have to see this!

I've managed to resist these at TRU... but that Green Arrow is AWESOME!

Bubbashelby said...

Nice Ollie dolly!

Brian Ashmore said...

I'm really enjoying these... can't wait for the Bat-family.

You've made me want to go check the feet on the ones I have.

jboypacman said...

Such a cool "Action Doll" wish he wasn't so rare and cost $20.

rob! said...

Probably my all-time favorite Mego...I'm so glad they redid this one for the new line.