Thursday, August 5, 2010

Still some more from Comic Con!

Okay this is about it for my photos of comic con. I realize two things now if I ever get to go back, one is bring a ton of cash and two make a list of everything you want to see because you will miss it.

I also think maybe I am getting too old to participate in comic conventions, as I looked around there were a ton of younger people having a blast and a ton of older people that sort of creeped me out, then I realized these older people were my age (or older), and while I am far from creepy I think this sort of event is made for the young and that the young at heart should just let the young enjoy it. Oh and all the creepy people need to just stay away.

Optimus Prime welcomes you to Comic Con!

I wanted to take these two home, LEGO didn't want me too.

I shot this picture for a friend. Hagrid was taller than me!

I was told that they were only selling 400 of these a day, of one style, and that you had to get a ticket in the morning and your ticket had to have a "smiley face" on it before they would take your 75 bucks. What? 75 Bucks per little dude!!

This will be under my Christmas Tree this year or I will disown my entire family.

Surfin' Troopers!

This thing was huge, almost three feet! I imagine it costs a pretty penny as well.

See comment above, also how cool would this be hanging in your den?

If I had this I would be wearing it as I type this. Who am I kidding I would wear it everywhere doing everything!

See, Bart has one!

This would be a cool set of Kubricks to get, but the cost is way out of my budget.

The Green Hornet's Black Beauty.

Stan the Man on Odin's Throne!

This was about a foot tall. A foot tall plastic Army man!

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice...

Time to catch the train!

Ah crap, is this my stop? I knew I should have packed a Klingon Dictionary.

Well, that wraps up my day trip to San Diego, I wish I had another day to take in some of the panels and visit that damn Hasbro booth, that I seemed to pass like 20 times without stopping, just wandering around like a country boy in the big city... Oh well it's not like I won't see all the photos on the toy news sites or for that matter all the toys in the store this holiday season. Thanks for coming along for the ride!


LEon said...

Hey that is really some coverage! Look like a blast to me.

chunky B said...

Thanks LEon, it was a blast, even though it was only for the day!

Brian B said...

Thanks for covering the cool Batman stuff.

Dan said...

Great variety of photos. I can't wait to go some year...