Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Some more of my one day in Geek Paradise!

Glad you could make it back for some more pics from my one day visit to all things geeky, San Diego Comic Con 2010 or as the initiated call it SDCC 2010! Okay I know it's hardly news now, but you might enjoy some of the stuff I saw. You know not as many costumed characters on day one as I thought, or I missed them all. I saw a ton of Stormtroopers and Harley Quinn, must have had a sale on those costumes : )

I think there were people in these, not sure so I punched them both in the gut anyway.

I was told if I gave up Marvel cold turkey that one of these would be under my Christmas Tree this year, I think it's a trick.

I should have shot video, this thing had the engines flickering and all sorts of stuff.

I know it's probably no where close to 501st quality, but I still wouldn't mind this Stormtrooper costume, and I was right they were selling them!

I WANT ONE OF THESE! More on this later...

Who you going to call?

the REAL Ghostbusters, man I used to have a few of the originals, now I miss them : (

Wait are we supposed to cross the streams or NOT cross the streams???

Lunch break turned up this awesome auto on the side of the road!

I thought this was just plain cool, behind the Batman graphic is a bunch of Plastic Man stretched all over the place.

Since I was there on day one I only got to see one new Mattel/Mego, it was cool though...Wonder Woman!

If I collected Superman this would be a no brainer, Christopher Reeve Superman! You know I may get one just because it looks so freaking awesome and back in 1978 I was hooked on that movie.

The next four are Venture Bros.!

These were the SDCC 2010 Exclusive for this line, I should have picked them up, kicking myself now.

Dr. Orpheus (far left) I will get.

Dr. Girlfriend! Awesome! Oh, hey Hank...

B'Wana Beast, missed him in the JLU line maybe I will find him in the Brave and the Bold line.

That is one big Green Lantern

Tune in one more day for the final group of SDCC 2010 pics! See you then.


LEon said...

Oh my! I am so envious of you able to be at SDCC!

I love the ghostbusters and Christopher Reeve Superman! If I see that superman, i will buy it.

The ghostbusters quite hard to find over here and it will cost a BOMB if it is sold here for sure.

Thanks for sharing chunky!

Brian B said...

That Batman display was awesome.

Thanks for sharing your pictures.
I look forward to more.

Man you got paid to go?

Brian Ashmore said...

Great shots, CB! I envy you for getting to go... and I don't, both at the same time. :)

That Reeve Superman is a "must buy" for me. It's not Batman but I think it looks fantastic... and how long have we been waiting for a Reeve Superman?!

chunky B said...

I remember wanting a Reeve Superman after seeing the movie on my Birthday back in 78, good times... my parents took me and a friend to see Superman, then some Tex Mex at a place called Ponchos!

jboypacman said...

Looks like you had a blast! And so many cool new toys coming our way i can't wait. : )