Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vader Doodle

Not sure how I'm going to color this one yet, but it was ripped straight out of my sketchbook I have been trying to doodle in lately and "inked" in Illustrator. These are all just tests.

Sketch vs. Digital Ink


Brian A said...

I like your Vader... should have said so, before.

Nice stylization.

Is the line you are using a pressure-sensitive one for the thick and thin.. or is it a thick/thin preset that you apply to a uniform, thinner line?

chunky B said...

Sort of a combo Brian. I used the Wacom with the preset brush to get a pressure sensitive thick and thin going, sort of like using a real brush. I would vary the stroke on the brush to also control weight. Then for smaller details I would try to just use the pen tool and apply the brush to get the thick thin effect. I only did this in a few areas because I wanted to keep it all hand drawn looking.

'77 - '80 Collector said...

Awesome! Great stylization. You made Vader look even more 'skull-like'.