Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Zombie Doodle

Okay I'm checking out some tutorials on inking on the web and holy cow I did not know you could do something like this with the varying strokes in anything else but Photoshop. So I immediately opened up a sketch I did a week ago, never really happy with it, and a few minutes later I'm looking at a inked and colored piece the way I had envisioned it from the start. I think I am in love with digital illustration again. Like I was ever out of in love with it before, but now I need to go back and revisit some sketches, I mean I really do like my "clean line" style, but this opens up a whole new world. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.

I'm probably more excited than the rest of you artists out there, I truly love learning something new and probably everyone else has known about it, but hey give me a moment to soak this in.

Here's another thought, do you think this is something I might explore in a Cafe Press sort of thing? The content, not the style...


Brian A said...

The Zombie looks great. I love the white gaps that imply something that's not quite registered. A gaping mouth and drool would really sell it. :)

Is this with the brushes in Illustrator?

As far as Cafe Press goes... why not? People love zombies.

chunky B said...

Yep brushes, which I have used time and time again, but I used it in combination with the expand feature to keep the line shape. It's a quirk of mine to convert the paths. Don't know why I missed this before, I use it with regular lines all the time. Oh and I just tried it using the Wacom on a sketch I had, but I like the drool and open mouth idea.

LEon said...

Very clean stroke there. Where's the tutorial you talked about?

chunky B said...


Here's the link. Most of the stuff here I already do and know, but it was nice to see a technique I didn't use and could modify to fit my work flow.