Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Visiting San Diego and a little comic convention...

I have been back for almost two weeks and am just getting around to posting pics from my first San Diego Comic Con experience, jeez. So here's the story... I attended the con, but for only one day. The company I work for was doing a scouting mission to see if Comic Con is a place we would possible like to display some of the stuff we are working on at, thing is it's something like a four year waiting list. Anyway, I was part of the team that flew in the night before and like ninja stalked the con the following day.

I can honestly say that one day at this convention is not enough if you are going. I left that night and realized that I didn't even stop at the Hasbro booth to check out the Giant AT-AT, doh! Also, if you have a problem with personal space, this probably isn't the place for you. I learned that the grab the butt game that the more immature con goer plays was not just limited to young women and that it is only played by really creepy old men, dude I wasn't even in costume. Seriously though, why?

Well even though I was only at the place for a day I shot a few pictures that will take me a couple days to post. I hope you enjoy and tune back in for the rest.

My First San Diego Comic Con!

The Fett Man watching over the line at the Gentle Giant Booth.

Concept Vader Bust

Aghhhh! Zombie Troopers!

If I could I would buy up all of these, better stop and get a lottery ticket.

Those three in the back will find a home on my shelves!

Why the Big Headed Han? Oh Well.

Another three for the collection.

The new light cycle from the upcoming Tron movie.

time to run, a Recognizer!

All sorts of Big Robot Awesome Fun Time!

I shot this one for my son, look at that Gundam go!

I did manage to get a picture of the booth sign at least : )

Ah a nice place to rest, funny thing is I woke up with a slight tummy ache.

See you next post with more Comic Con!


A. Pants said...

that's awesome you got to go.... i have been wanting too, maybe next year...

and i want the ginormous leia action figure!!!!!

Brian B said...

Look forward to more pictures.

I have never been.

We do have GEN CON in downtown Indy this week.
I don't buy a ticket but get as close as we can and take in all the free stuff.
Mostly look at the people in costumes.

chunky B said...

@ A. Pants - I still have my vintage Leia figure, I need to break her out and shoot some photos. The big version is nice, I wonder if they will do a Gonk or not : )

If you are going to the SWC hear they are going to have a large Boba Fett, check it out and shoot some pics. If I was going I would buy one...

@ Brian B - This was my first experience with SDCC, though I have been to the first SW Celebration and a couple of Trek cons, those didn't prepare me for this.

A. Pants said...

If you know something you want from Star Wars Celebration... Just let me know and I will pick it up for ya... and i need to pull out my Leia as well... she was my prized possession when i was a kid.

chunky B said...

That's Awesome A. Pants, yet I blew my convention budget at SDCC : (

You'll have to check in tomorrow to see what I picked up.

Still have a blast at the Celebration and take lots of pictures!