Friday, September 3, 2010

Spock Pilgram

Well, it sort of reminded me of Scott Pilgram...

Anyway a quick test if you will, I was checking out a blog called Rad How To, more specifically a post about hair helmets, so as you can see being the lazy artist I just took what Rad was doing and tried it out. I don't deny copying his pose, this is a lesson anyway, geez get off my back. I mean it's not lazy wanting to learn stuff right?. I wanted to test a few things out actually.

1) The Hair Helmet
2) No paper, sketching straight into Photoshop. Via a Wacom.
3) My continuing learning process of "inking" things in Illustrator, this time only using the Wacom and no mouse.

So there you have it quick and dirty. I like the sketch better than I thought I would, and I like it more than the inking... that's bad. Oh and I finally had a chance to read a Scott Pilgram volume (Volume 1) last night... I liked it, that's good.

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