Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What about Thanos?

Yes, I inversed the sketch for dramatic effect.

So, yesterday I left a comment in the post below about what superhero I should attempt next. I received all of one comment in return from Jason, who had some awesome ideas. Let's see, here's a quote from his comment...

"...The Maxx. If not how about a villian? Maybe Pyro or Apocalypse."

These are characters I would have never even thought of to draw, which lead me to another character... Thanos. For some reason I really dig Thanos, not sure why. The only story I ever read that he was a major player in was the Infinity Gauntlet story arc. What was that the 90's? I always thought about picking up a figure of ole' nasty britches, just one to keep on the desk to cause a little havoc in my collection, but guess what? I never did pick up any of his figures. A quick eBay search turned up a nice selection, I may have to get a Mighty Muggs version, I didn't even know that one existed.

I did spy the one I want though on the Cool toy Review site, Marvel Universe is coming out with their version of Thanos and I must have it. This is the one I have been waiting for! Thanos, you and your little Infinity Gauntlet will be coming home with me! Now if the Magic Grocery Store will come through for me I'm all set.

Oh, that's right a quick sketch of a possible candidate for the next superhero drawing. So what do you think? Thanos anyone? Big thanks to Jason for giving me some ideas and a direction I would not have thought to go.

Side note: Also on cool toy review, another Marvel Baddy that I kind of dig and will have to post about later is this little guy with Spidey. I am so going to have to get this set as well!, By the way another Thanos!


Mario! said...

It looks really cool inversed like that. I'm also looking forward to the MU Thanos figure (if I can find one!).

How about drawing Slapstick?

jboypacman said...

Awesome! Thanos looks great. : )

Jason said...

Thanos is bad-ass!! Definitely a top ten villian in my book. When The Infinity Gauntlet came out, he was "The" super villian. Now that many years have passed since Adam Warlock saved the day, maybe I can get that series without selling my kidneys! Issue #1 to be specific.

Thanks for the shout out Chunky! :)

Stephen said...

Another awesome piece of work Chunky! Have you ever thought of a veruses pic? Maybe an Ameri-girl v.s. Rhino for your next one?

chunky B said...

@ Stephen, to be honest I don't think I ever thought about doing a vs. sort of illustration. I might have to give it a try!

Though the other day on the drive home I thought it would be cool to see a lightsaber battle between Darth Vader and Pee Wee Herman...