Friday, October 29, 2010

Battle for the Cowl: Batman Collection Reveal!

The day has finally arrived to unveil our Batman collections, here's my shelf of Batman in all its glory! My lovely wife let me use a couple of her Halloween Bats to decorate with on either side, thanks again.

So, on the shelf I have 101 Batman plus an additional 3 of plush I keep in the collection AND my late find from yesterday, he's at the end of the post and now on the shelf, giving me a grand total of 105 Different Batmans (or is that Batmen). I will note I could have slammed Reis in the plush area of the competition as I have access to countless variations of plush Batman items.

click image to see larger

So, Here is the break down by section. You can click on any of the photos to get a much larger view.

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1) Mattel JLU Justice Lord Batman
2) Kenner Knightquest Batman
3) JLU Gray Batman Articulated
4) Mattel The Batman Crimson Patrol Batman
5) JLU Blue Gray Batman Articulated
6) C3 Minimate Mini Batmobile Batman
7) Lego Bat Dragster (among others) Minifig
8) C3 Minimate Large Batmobile Batman
9) C3 Minimate Mini Flyer Batman
10) C3 Minimate Chemical Warehhouse Batman
11) Mattel The Batman Deluxe Battle Wing
12) Mattel The Batman Aqua Attack
13) Mattel JLU Black Suit Batman
14) C3 Minimate Bat Glider Batman
15) DC Direct Alex Ross Batman
16) Mattel The Batman Bruce to Batman
17) Mattel JLU Batman (Series One)
18) C3 Minimate Stealth Batwing Batman (yellow trim)
19) C3 Minimate Batwing Batman (blue trim)
20) C3 Minimate 89' Batman (extra figure with Stealth Batwing)
21) Unidentified Batman Ornament
22) Mattel The Batman Shadowtek Ultra Battle Fist Batman
23) Mattel The Batman Zip Action
24) Mattel JLU Batman Figurine
25) Mattel The Batman 10" Rotocast With Grapple
26) Mattel The Batman Bruce to Batman Second Version
27) Mattel The Batman Campbells Soup Mail Away
28) Kenner 100th Edition Batman
29) Mattel The Batman standard without Zip Action

click image to see larger

30) Mattel The Batman Hotwheels Pack In Figurine
31) Mattel The Batman Ultimate Defender
32) Medicom Kubricks DC Comics BAtman
33) Target Mini Batman Ornament version 1
34) Target Mini Batman Ornament version 2
35) Mattel The Batman 10" Rotocast With Flight Pack
36) DC Direct The Dark Knight Returns Batman
37) Mattel DC Universe Superman/Batman Film Batman
38) Mattel DC Universe Gotham Knight Film Batman
39) Mattel Batman Zip Line Batman
40) Kenner Dark Knight Collection Wall Scaler Batman
41) DC Direct Silver Age Set Batman
42) Hasbro 9" Target Exclusive Silver Age Batman
43) Mattel JLU Detective Batman
44) DC Direct Super Friends Scarecrow Set Batman
45) Applause Batman Figurine
46) Hasbro Toy Shop Golden Age Set Batman
47) Kenner Superpowers Batman
48) DC Direct 13" Batman (Modern)
49) DC Direct Super Friends Batman Statue
50) Hasbro 9" Guardian of Gotham First Release Batman (Dark Blue Cowl)
51) Mattel DC Super Friends Blue/Gray Batman
52) Ertl DC Super Heroes Die Cast Figurine Batman
53) Mattel JLU 10" Batman
54) Mattel Retro Action DC Super Heroes Batman
55) Kenner Walmart Exclusive Figure Two Pack Gotham City Adventures Batman
56) Mego Worlds Greatest Super Heroes Batman
57) McDonalds Brave and the Bold Batman
58) Mattel Brave and the Bold Hang Climber Batman
59) Mattel Brave and the Bold Action League Batman w/ Grapple

click image to see larger

60) Mattel DC Universe Classics Classic Detective Batman
61) Mattel Brave and the Bold Action League Batman w/ Batarang
62) Mattel Brave and the Bold Action League Batman fists
63) Mattel Brave and the Bold Action League Batman aqua
64) Hallmark Batman Ornament
65) Hasbro 9" First Appearance Book Set Batman
66) DC Direct First Appearance Batman
67) Kenner Batman the Animated Series Combat Belt Batman
68) Mattel Brave and the Bold Action League Knight Batman
69) McDonalds Batman the Animated Series Batman
70) Mattel DC Super Heroes Batman Release 2 (Batgirl Two Pack Release)
71) Ertl Batman the Animated Series Fight Stance Figurine
72) Batman the Animated Series Cake Topper Batman
73) Mattel DC Super Heroes Batman w/Comic Release 1
74) Kenner Batman the Animated Series Combat Bruce Wayne
75) Hasbro 9" Batman Beyond
76) Mattel DC Universe Classics Batman Beyond
77) Hasbro Batman Beyond Power Cape Batman
78) Hasbro JLA Dark Knight Batman
79) Applause Batman Returns Movie Suction Cup Batman
80) Mattel Batman Aqua Batman
81) Kenner Batman Forever Guardians of Gotham City Batman
82) Batman/Batman Returns Key Ring Batman
83) Mattel Batman Begins Battle Gear Batman
84) Mattel Movie Masters Batman Begins "Ghoul" Batman Chase Figure
85) Toy Biz 89' Batman
86) Mattel Batman Begins Rapid Fire Batman
87) Kenner The NEw Batman Adventures Glider Strike Batman (Unsure which release)
88) Mattel Movie Masters Batman The Dark Knight
89) Batman Returns Full Figure Candy Container
90) Medicom Kubricks 89' Batman

click image to see larger

91) Mattel Batman Animated Classics Batman vs Joker two pack Batman
92) Ertl 89' Batman Die Cast Figurine
93) Kenner The New BAtman Adventures Mission Masters Detective Batman
94) Applause Batman 89' Movie Suction Cup Batman
95) Mattel Batman Animated Classics Batman & Robin two pack Batman
96) Takara Microman Comic Batman
97) Kenner Walmart Exclusive Figure Two Pack Knight Watch Batman
98) Unsure Batman The New Adventures Batmobile or Batwing pack in figure
99) Mattel Batman Animated Classics Batman vs Catwoman two pack Batman
100) Takara Microman Batman Begins
101) Takara Microman Batman & Batgirl two pack Batman

click image to see larger

102) Toy Factory JLU Vinyl Head Batman (discontinued)
103) Toy Factory DC Super Friends Standard Style Batman (discontinued)
104) Toy Factory JLU Softie Style Batman (sample, not produced)

and last but not least
105) Kenner The New Batman Adventures Bat Plane Pack in Batman, or as I am now calling him "Tardy for the Party Batman"

These last 6 are my "Extras" for whatever reason or another you are going to end up with extras. They could be from a two or three pack or just because they had a new accessory, I thought I would put some numbers on them just to show them, they felt left out. They will be taking their place on the shelf after the competition.

click image to see larger

106) Mattel The Batman Tripple Strike Batman
107) Mattel DC Super Heroes Batman Release 2 (Single Pack Release)
108) Mattel JLU Batman Second Release with Wider Stance
109) Mattel Brave and the Bold Action League Batman fists Extra(you are going to get these with two pack releases)
110) C3 Minimate Mini Flyer Batman (Just wanted a Second one of these)
111) Mattel The Batman - This one has a cowl variation, I normally count this as a different figure, but hard to photograph so I pulled it from the line up.

Last, here is an outtake image showing how the Batshelf dominates my open collection, got to keep those Stormtroopers and Mr. Spocks in line.

click image to see larger

Also since I am writing this before the big reveal, and have no idea how many Batman items Reis has, I just want to add this was a fun little contest and brought back a lot of memories of why I collect certain things. It made me realize I have a crap load of batman toys and what not. It made me miss some I had given away or sold off, but still I have the memories. Oh, and it made me hope I thoroughly trounced Reis and his Batman Collection : )

Let's take a look at Hey! Look at my Toys! collection shall we?


Brian Ashmore said...

Congratulations, CB! That shelf takes my breath away! It makes me want to get out all my loose figures and start filling in some "gaps."

Great contest, guys!! It's been fun to watch all the build-up and trash talking.

... and, hey, both collections are incredibly impressive.

Brian B said...

Nice victory.

One question.
How long did it take to get a picture with all of them standing up?
Mine are always falling over.

Great fun.

Reis O'Brien said...

Aaaawwww CRAP! I can't believe what an ass-whoopin' I just got! A hundred and friggin five?! Jeeze!

Oh man... I'm aching from this sound trouncing.

And now I have to make it 106 as I send you your vintage Mego Pocket Heroes Batman. Ugh... insult to injury!

Wow... I didn't even stand a chance. That is one seriously impressive collection.

Well played Chunky B. It was a rousing good battle and you're clearly one hell of an opponent and I'll never doubt your love for the Dark Knight, nor your collecting prowess ever again.

I tip my hat to you. Well done, sir. :)

Now, I'll slink back to my blog and post a graceful announcement that I have been bested by the best.

And for the record, even though I lost, I have had an immeasurable amount of fun with this challenge!

Enjoy your spoils Chunky B! Email me and I'll get your address again. :)

chunky B said...

@ Brian A - Thank you, this was a blast.

@ Brian B - Thanks and an excellent question, it took me a couple days to set up, then I had to go back and adjust things, every time knocking something over and playing dominos. I then re-hung the hanging bats. So over three nights of set up. Maybe an hour shoot, another 45 processing the images and identifying. That was the fun part.

LEon said...

I think you deserved an award by Batman for being such a big fan. LOL

Brian (Cool and Collected) said...

Fantastic collection, and a great idea for the friendly competition. Thanks for sharing all the great pics!

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Damn was that FUN!! I love your collection- several in there I'd love to have :)
Well done- and with a great sense of humor!

Jason said...

Congrats Chunky! Wow! That's a lot of Batmen. Great collection. I hope this doesn't mean the end of Bathound. :(

Dan said...

Awesome collection I like how you and Reis focus on the Black, and Blue and Gray Bat suits. Back in the day, I had many of Neon, rainbow, and sparkle camo ones. I noticed I missed a few looking at the two collections, so I am probably closer to 50 then I thought. And there are a few in their I am going to have to hunt down to add. Thanks for rekindling a past addiction that I though I cured. (yes this was copied and pasted, and edited).

chunky B said...

Thanks everyone, oh and Dan I have probably gotten rid of a ton of those "neon camo jet ski" Batmans in my day. I think I have purged quite a few out of my collection including some "regular" ones. It helps if you don't look back, LOL.

With that said I think I am off to gets me a celebratory Batman!

Bat Hound will continue to poke around the collection from time to time too.

Bubbashelby said...

Congrats on the win CB! I daresay you might even have more Batmen than me! But I won't bet on it. ;)

Unknown said...

What a amazing collection! Congrats on the big win on this one CB. And can i ask you how you like those Minimate figures? I see them in the store and i know nothing about them. Worth picking up?

Stephen said...

Jesus Chunky, how does your shelf take all that weight? I'm surprised it's not sagging in the middle. LOL. Congrats on the win! I'm sure Reis's mego Batman will make an excellent 106

rob! said...

Holy Collection!

saruman said...


//\\ Zurheb \\// said...

Number 87 batman which is hanging and carries a bat-winged glider is actually from this line -> Knight Assault Batman (Mission Masters 3), produced by Kenner/Hasbro in the year 2000.
Link to the pic: