Thursday, November 11, 2010

Something a little different

I debated posting this drawing, but after I thought about it I figured why not. It's not your typical Super Hero, Space Going, Robot Stompin' sort of character you are used to seeing from me here, but it's a drawing style I do miss doing. I guess I should say it's the "generic" content that I miss doing from time to time.

As I was cleaning out some file drawers at work I came across this unfinished drawing in a stack of thumbnails and sketches. Unfinished because it never made it past the point of being inked. It was for a little specialty toy division of our company we were thinking about launching back in 2005. Some of the product was to be little puppies in purses and this was to be used on the packaging. The powers that be decided to go in another direction and this concept was scrapped at this stage.

It's sort of funny because I could totally see my wife trying this with our Bulldog... the purse would have to be a lot bigger though.


Kal said...

It's like a young Paris Hilton before she got all slutty and started losing dogs all over the place.

chrismandesign said...

kinda old-fashioned illustration (something like the Arthur & the square knights of the round table TV series) i’m headed in the 70’s !!! =)... actually is a not-so-ur-style job, as u mentioned & that makes it pretty interesting =O

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

u should draw your wife w/Gertie in that style!

Bubbashelby said...

Cute is good - also, I imagine that dog is actually a space-pup and will momentarily transform into a humongous robot stomping monstrosity.

So it's win-win.

Stephen said...

I like it, but think it would look a lot more awesome if the girl and dog were robotized. seriously.

jboypacman said...

Too bad it wasn't made it might of gone over big.