Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A little 914 action

I owed a better shot of this Matchbox 914 Porsche to one of my readers. It had a bit of it's rear showing in another post. It is really just the second issue of the brighter Green 914 Porsche seen here. I always said I wouldn't pass up a 914 on the shelf, this one being a different color found it's way into the shopping basket late one day back in 2010. I will note I only picked up one of the Darker Green ones.

Man I love those little 914 Porsche cars!

February 1st, 1:51 PM CT - no toys purchased.


plasticfetish said...

I've got the lime green 914 on my desk right now. Really been hoping for an orange one.

chunky B said...

A orange one would be sweet. I would also like a white one, silver, black and why not a red one. Orange would be number one on my list as well though.

chrismandesign said...

my delight r the cars in almost all flavors available (& imaginable)... they bring back a lot of good infancy memories & for me they r some of the most playable toys ever made (i still play with mines) =D... THX for this nice post CB, i didn’t know anything bout this Porsche model till u published it... it has a simple & classy design for something "affordable" in the real life.