Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spock Stop 17: DeKalb, Illinois

Spock is back and in action! Aaron and his wonderfully talented wife played host to Spock a few weeks back and sent these great shots of Spock enjoying himself in DeKalb, Illinois. Then I misplaced them and searched several computers to find them... and well here they are! Sorry for the delay. Aaron is the host of Electronic Cerebrectomy, you may know him as Samurai Frog. His wife, a talented artist, does awesome pin ups, check it out!

Lets see what trouble Spock got into in Illinois shall we? Take it away Aaron!

When Spock arrived, the snow arrived with him. The logical thing to do was get inside and warm up.

Starting to feel in his element.

Some light reading material while the warmth sets in.

While passing through our home, Spock ran into another character on a journey of his own. Spockation vs. Jokercation? Someone get DC to work on a crossover!

With all of the Muppets about, Spock wandered onto the set of The Muppet Show and took a seat at the science station of the Swine Trek. Dr. Strangepork looks miffed!

Afterward, Spock agreed to help out at the Muppet Labs. This may not be what he had in mind!

Girls dig Spock. It's the cool logic.

Ain't no party like a Muppet party 'cause a Muppet party don't stop! Until everyone's had too much junk food and needs to sleep it off.

Spock, at least, can sleep it off on the way to Ohio. And he's got some tunes for his trip! Hopefully, Spock had a memorable visit to our little swamp.

Thanks again for letting us be a part of the Spockation! From my wife and I, may the rest of the trip be less bumpy.


Thank you Aaron for playing host to our traveling Spock, Live long and prosper.


jboypacman said...

That picture of Spock on the Swine Trek set is just the best!

chrismandesign said...

to b a very serious character from Vulcan, it seems mr. Spock has such a licentious life in Earth... where is his self-restricted personality, his equanimity ???... went down the drain & for his own sake, better to keep the things this way XDDDDD

Jerbeh said...

Spock getting experimented on by beaker and honeydew is a real bizarre image.

I'm so using it as my iphone wallpaper.

Good Stuff!

Daskaea said...

Totally jealous! I bet SamuraiFrog and Becca played excellent hosts. Looks like Spock had a nonstop party!

Bubbashelby said...

That Batgirl custom dolly is super cute. And y'all know how I feel about dollies.

Becca said...

The Batgirl is a My Scene Barbie in an Action Man costume from the 60's or 70's not really sure. The blonde is actually in a Superman costume from the same line. They are pretty darn near the favorite toys I own. Glad you dig the look!