Friday, February 11, 2011

Spock Stop 18: Springdale, OHIO

It's that time of the week, another Spockcation update and do we have a doozy for you! Spock had a stop at none other than the headquarters of one of my favorite Star Trek blogs A Piece of the Action. You know those blogs where you think to yourself "why didn't I think of that?" Well that is just the type of blog my buddy James runs over there. I knew Spock was in for a Star Trek treat, plus I couldn't wait to see James' collection, and boy was I right. Pretty much like his blog, AWESOME!

James and I have been swapping Star Trek emails back and forth ever since I saw he had a few of the Star Trek plush on one of his blog posts and I think it is safe to say we are friends now. So please go check out his blog after you check out his entry for Spockcation. Now on with the show!

Spock arrived hungry after his perilous journey. What better way to fill your belly than with a bowl of Cincinnati's famous chili. (Spock's was vegetarian style of course)

Spock quickly made his way down to our Trek room... where he encountered a familiar face...

A trip down here must include a stop at the vintage Mego case.

Back upstairs, Spock encounters an alien life form- Our pet cat, Cringer! The Vulcan mind meld reveals that the feline is friendly.

Continuous snow fall kept us all in the house for awhile. Spock began to go stir crazy, so he enlisted the Fonz to help him build a snowman out back. Fonz graciously offered Spock his jacket, as Spock is from a warmer climate and the Fonz is just too cool for coats.

Warmer days got us back outside! Here Spock stands outside Union Terminal, the real life inspiration for the Super Friends' Hall of Justice! Sadly, only Aquaman was on watch duty- Not really worth Spock's time to get a picture with.
Edit: Uh, actually Spock is heading to the Aquaman Shrine soon, where he will no doubt have plenty of photo ops with Aquaman : )

As evidenced by his shirt, Spock is a huge Jimmy Buffet fan. I thought that he might enjoy a trip to Cheeseburger in Paradise! I figured this would be a perfect place to unwind for the Vulcan parrot-head.

Spock got a little too comfy here, stealing sips of my wife's mojito.

Our Vulcan friend stuck around just long enough to help us celebrate my youngest son Keaton's 4th birthday. Blowing out candles and making wishes seemed illogical at first, but Spock quickly got into the groove.

As his days with us winded down, Spock got some much needed shut-eye- Curled up next to Keaton, dreaming of his next stop...

Wow that was fun, thanks again to James, his wife and his sons for showing Spock a good time. Spock is already off to his next stop in Georgia, there he will actually have three stops filled with 80's Nostalgia, Puppets and more Star Trek! Till then remember Live Long and Prosper.


Anonymous said...

Chunky B- I honestly don't know how I have never stumbled on your site before today. I've spent the last hour going through your old posts and am having a blast. These Spockcation photos made my day. Consider me a new fan!

chunky B said...

Well welcome aboard! Glad you like the blog.

chrismandesign said...

super nice trips, those of mr. Spock !!! & the pics hav that old-fashion feeling that suits them pretty well... this is what i call a hardcore ST fan, i just felt myself teleported... all in that ST room look awesome !!! i wish i could hav that kind of "organized display" in my room (but it’s mainly a mess XD)... at least someone enjoy this crude weather LOL...

jboypacman said...

Love seeing Spock on his adventures.

Brian B said...

That is a serious Star Trek collection!

Very nice.