Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You have disappointed me for the last time commander

Darth Gert has enjoyed the well wishes on her Birthday but is sorely disappointed in your efforts to capture the Rebels.


jasonvorhees said...

That is cute as hell!! I may be a bit biased though, as bulldogs are my favorite breed(and was a childhood pet named Bruiser).

As for the Wheeljack figure...I see some sites list him as a pre-oreder,arriving in Feb., and others listing as a March release. I'll keep you posted, I know you'll do the same.

Brian A said...

That's great!!! So, THAT'S what a Vader helmet looks like on Gert! I was wondering... :)

Looks awesome... I could see a t-shirt featuring Darth Gert on Cafe Press doing quite well.

Happy Belated Birthday, Gert!

chrismandesign said...
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chrismandesign said...

Gert has exactly the "feeling" to b a Dart, Bulldogs would b the perfect dogs to rule the empire... bark, bark Vader LOL !!! i’ve never seen Dart biting his enemies, but Gert will do for sure... the teeth of empire r near !!! so run for ur lives rebels !!! =OOOOO

jboypacman said...

lol i love it! I wish i could get my dogs to use the force. : D