Thursday, February 10, 2011

The R2 Unit Returns

Back in January, before I threw down the no toy challenge I had made a couple of purchases. One to further my goals for 2011 and one because I just wanted that toy again. The latter is for another date, today is R2-D2's day.

Not sure if you remember me mentioning before that my original R2 Unit turned up missing. For the life of me I could have sworn he was around in 2001, but he was not with my Star Wars stuff and nowhere to be seen in my toy sorts. I am actually pretty thorough in my sorts so there is a 100% chance he did not end up in a garage sale or a donation box. I think he may have been another victim of my son and my nephew's battles when they were young. So with this purchase I have completed my vintage twelve (also with the help of a buddy of mine). I sort of feel like the toy challenge is a little easier knowing this guy was coming in the mail, of course nowhere near the preparedness of my friend at Super Duper Toy Box or the Swap Meets of Bubbashelby.

There is something special about this toy, I know it is a simpler version of R2 as compared to the stuff out today, but still when I was a kid this was a great figure. Full of wonder and adventure. It sums up to me the time and climate that was Star Wars in the 70's.

Having this guy makes me want to do a cross blog event similar to what my pal LEon did with Darth Vader. I think maybe a "Show me you R2's Event" or "Bring on the Droids!" If everyone is down for this, and I know everyone has some sort of Star Wars droid laying around, then I will drum up a logo and we can set a date to reveal the R2's or Droids to the world.

Also a question to all that will read this... Does the world need another Star Wars Blog? According to my friend Brian the answer is without a doubt "YES!" So if you want to do this Droid Event or have some thoughts on Another Star Wars Blog leave a comment, if not I will post a bunch of my droids or R2's down the road and maybe launch another blog about... well you know. May the Force Be With You.


jasonvorhees said...

I would be down for this! I only have 1 droid, but I'm not a Star Wars nut. I love the movies, and have a few figures, but my interests are wide and varied. Let's do it!!

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

i'm there Dude- i'll pick mine up at Mum's this weekend... do i need to e-mail ya the pics next week?

Reis O'Brien said...

Count me in! I have a few different R2's that I can take some snaps of. :)

chunky B said...

Awesome guys, I made an update post for everyone to get on the same track, keeping it simple. One pick by the date above and we're off!

LEon said...

R2 i have a few but not the old ones. Need not have to be R2D2 right? Should I post in my blog or I still email you?

Brian A said...

Congrats on the new R2!! He looks like a nice one! I love this figure, too. He is representative of a time when everything on toys didn't have to be perfectly screen accurate to be a great toy. I remember getting my first Kenner R2 while I was in the hospital with a messed-up shoulder and it made everything a lot easier.

chrismandesign said...

sorry, i hav not a single R2d2 (neither hav plans to own one of them) though is a nice bot =)

jboypacman said...

Dang wish i had a R2 or other droid i would so send a picture over. Maybe i will find one in my travels this weekend.

chunky B said...

@ LEon, I posted more details in the post above : )

@ chrismandesign, I don't want anyone to feel left out, send a pic of one of your favorite bots, all bots and droids are welcome! "We serve their kind here!"

@ jboypacman, more of what I told Chris above, send in whatever robot or droid you have!

@ Brian A, Thanks. I thought the sticker looked a little odd at first, but it is very clean and not too yellowed and will suit my purposes well.