Sunday, March 13, 2011

I can't get Star Wars off my mind!!!

I do not often do this, but thought it might be fun, here's a weeks worth of Star Wars haul ending today, I guess you could call this a Star Wars Week... or Star Wars Weekending 03-13-2011... or too much Star Wars Swag... oh you get the point, let's see how this goes.

First these two arrived from Hasbro Toy Shop, I had been meaning to pick them up for a long time, they were stationed in the freezer until they climatize to the South Central Texas weather.

Then while looking for cheap AT-AT's I found Han Solo frozen in Vintage Style Packaging. No cheap AT-AT though.

Oh and if you are at Target and hanging around the Easter section here's the Star Wars LEgo set, I don't mean to brag but my wife even refers to it by it's nick name, the Chicken Walker... also if you are looking for those new DC Superheroes Funko Pop Figures, they have them there for 6.99, the Batman ones I saw were pretty bad on the paint so I will be waiting till the next trip to get one.

The finished AT-ST "Chicken Walker" on patrol in the backyard.

Last, I shouldn't have picked these up, but how cool is that Aqua Droid? Like something out of Gundam. Also my favorites from the Clone Wars Series, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka... I saw Ahsoka's Droid so maybe next time I will pick that up and I even might replace a Jedi Starfighter I gave away in a toy purge with Ahsoka's to complete the set.

I also picked up a couple of GI Joes, the first in a long time, since I think the movie came out. They are different versions of two of my favorites and they had so much equipment packed with them I couldn't pass, but you don't want to hear about those.


Brian A said...

Great haul!! I picked up the Batman Pop! figures today! I was shocked to see them there. I now realize I should have picked up the Chicken Walker too... that's really cool looking.

I love that the Hoth guys are hanging out in the freezer. That's hilarious! Hope those are snow peas...

LEon said...

I felt the Chicken Walker is the best buy among all. LOL I don't mind get a few. LOL

Dan said...

i have an older mini Lego Chicken Walker, and back then they painted the windows on the front flap. But yours has better side guns so the trade off is even steven.

Also mine sits under my monitor at work, its perfect to play with there.

chrismandesign said...

after a long famine of toys, this seems like gluttony XD... but man, u don’t hav to ask for an authorization... i agree that the Lego "crazy legs" is the most interesting, but hey !!! those Stars Wars 3D animated series r pretty good too... last but not least, don’t u hate those toy purges CB ???

chunky B said...

Ha ha ha Chris, yes, yes I do hate all the toy purges and I am tired of them too. It is an unfortunate byproduct of living in a small house, plus I do think it is necessary at times to keep the collection manageable. I was just saying to my friend that I can honestly say that of all the stuff I have sold or given away I haven't gone back and tried to replace it with the same object. I have missed them and even complained about giving them up, but at the end of the day I let them go so why move backward. That said I am all for getting replacement toys from my childhood : )