Friday, June 10, 2011

Not My Toys!

Not a lot of participation for this one, which I totally understand as we all have lives, mater of fact I sort of phoned this one in myself, ha ha. Still the ones I received are awesome and need to be shown! I am also using the text that each person sent as an explanation which makes the story complete.

Remember at the bottom of this post will be the next Photo Assignment! So here we go... these are Not My Toys!

Colin sent in this awesome shot, smooth as velvet and with some toy history.

"Found in my pal/bandmate Jackhammer's basement: These Mattel toy cars were called "Zowees", and they are about 1/2 the size of a Hot Wheels car. Fourteen of them were produced in 1972 (the year of my birth), the initial eight as promotion with the Shell Oil Company, free with a gasoline purchase or 49 cents alone. Later on in 1972, these cars (in slightly variant form) along with six new cars were made available retail, as well but as a variation of the Shell Oil versions. From left to right: Numb Skull, Shifty, Good Knight (Shell Oil promo version), & Goin' Fishin'"

Here's Reis' entry, which made me laugh pretty hard when I saw the email, you know I have run across a few of these type of scenes in the toy aisle, but this one is just too perfect.

"While trolling through TRU the other day I spotted this lovely little scene near the Schleich toys in which someone carefully placed what appears to be a Bernese Mountain Dog into a scene with a rather large dragon, thus making me imagine what could very well be one of the strangest Disney movies ever. I'm calling the movie "Barney & Scales" and it will be rated G."

Last but not least is my entry, like I said I may have phoned this one in. These are technically not my toys... yet anyway. I am working on some DC Comics projects at work and Warner Bros. sent these over for inspiration. So they are in my office and to be used on the project, but not really mine. After the project and if I am good I may be able to assimilate them into the Bat Shelf and give them official numbers.

As you can see I already opened one up and was checking him out. The Unicorn is from Despicable Me, it was left on my desk for some reference shots and now as a joke I keep it around, besides "It's so fluffy!" well, not really, but still funny to have staring at you while you work.

That wasn't so bad, you know it was not a lot, but what I got was really worth it. I think even my phoned in one wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, ha ha. So, what's next? Glad you asked.

The next Photo Assignment is "Let's hear it for the Red, White and Blue!"... get it? July... Red, White and Blue? Okay the photo does not have to be patriotic in nature, it can be but it can also be of any toy or toys, just use all three colors in the picture.

Here's the details...

1) Submit one JPG image to me by Wednesday, June 29, 2011 of some Red, White and Blue Toys. They can be any combination, but lets face it if you send in a Captain America you obviously have it made... oh and that would be way to easy. This is open to every one, not just people in the USA, every one has some sort of Red, White and Blue Toys! It can be patriotic themed or just a Red toy, a White toy and a Blue toy. It just has to be all in one picture.

2) Include your first name and if you have a website you want linked to.

3) Send your picture and info (see above) to eclectorama [at] studiohowell [dot] com, with "Some RWB for ya!" in the subject.

4) I will post all the photos on Monday, July 4, 2011, like that? I knew you would. So be back here then to see what people sent in.

This isn't a contest and I don't want too much trouble put into your picture, line them up, snap a pic and send it in! I am not collecting email to spam you, I don't have that much time,it's just for fun!


iok said...

I was going to join in this challenge but then I realised my wife's soft toy monkeys were all packed away and my kids don't collect anything... :(

Reis O'Brien said...

WHAT?! Three entries?! Come on, gang! Please don't stop hosting these, Chunky B!

jboypacman said...

Might see if i have any Red White and Blue toys to take pictures of. : )

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Reis!! hah ha :D Nice One!
Oooo, Chunky- i like Medieval Bats! Cool! Your job looks like FUN :D

Bubbashelby said...

Damn - it's that time already! Totally wanted in on this one, but he deadline snuck up on (and passed) me!

LEon said...

Red white and blue make me think of Captian America... stars and stripes. LOL

chrismandesign said...

i have been very busy lately in my work, (thx GOD) & i had at least 2 options for this photo assignment, too bad =(... those "weird cars" r awesome & they look as vintage as they r... i think i have something from Schleich & these kind of figures r very attractive... also, u, CB, must b a very good boy cuz those Batman figures r delicious =)... hope to b in the crew of the next assignment =O

Brian Ashmore said...

Agggghhhhh!!!!! can't believe I missed this one!!! I even had a photo ready....

I am SO in for the next one....already know what I'm doing.