Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pizza Porkins!

Last Friday I posted a fun little image of Rebel Pilot Jek Porkins and almost by second nature I included a Mynock (Chicken) Leg for our dashing X-Wing pilot to chew on for his portrait. Almost as soon as I posted it I received my first comment on the post from Dave Lowe of Para Abnormal fame. I think this may have been the first time Dave has commented on my blog. Dave is an artist that I hold in pretty high esteem, not only does he do the daily Para Abnormal blog, but he is also a prop designer of great talent having worked on many shows and a yearly celebration of Halloween at his own home. So, I was pretty excited to see what Dave had to say. Here's the comment for your reference:

"How come fat guys are always cartooned eating chicken?

Fat Guy in Van Nuys (who prefers pizza)"

Okay, Dave has a sense of humor, so here was my reply...

"First I think that may be a Mynock leg, they taste like chicken so it's an understandable mistake. Second I think he finished the pizza after the cheeseburger and shake, or was it the taco, then the pizza, the cheeseburger, the Mynock leg then he likes his shake... anyway Third, I think I may be having chicken or Mynock for dinner tonight.

Best Regards,
Chunky B, Fat Guy in San Antonio (who luvs him some Tacos!)"

I was pretty proud of myself, having rubbed elbows with a cartooning great, I thought I did a pretty good job. So I waited for a response and as comments came in on loving the image, questioning if Jek could fit into an X-Wing the way I drew him and what not, not another reply form Dave. I thought maybe Dave didn't take it in jest. Then I thought possibly I had chosen the wrong words or even pushed it a little too far, which wasn't my intent. I was bummed, this was probably the second time in my life of drawing that I may have messed up and offended someone (I don't think the farting Jar Jar counts, if so make that three times).

So at risk of further offending and making people on the Internet mad at me I made a version of Porkins with a slice of homemade Bantha-eroni Pizza! Sort of a Peace-a-Pizza offering... though I think the Mynock leg works better, just saying.


Dave Lowe said...

OH NO! No, no no. ZERO offense taken. You made me laugh my friend! I actually felt stupid...of course it was a MYNOCK leg and not just chicken;)

No peace offering needed. Although ol Porkins does look far more dashing eating a slice of Bantha-roni.

Does Pizza the Hut deliver to Yavin or was it carry out?

Dave, Fat Guy regretting he didn't comment a second time earlier.

chunky B said...

Phew, that's good news, but I wanted to make sure.

Porkins should be hosting his own Food Network show, Taste of the Rebellion or something like that. The pizza was delivery, via a bounty hunter on Ord Mantell.

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

"Taste of the Rebellion" ha ha :D

Dave Lowe said...

or "Cantinas, Drive-ins and Dives"

chunky B said...

Ha ha, I can't believe I didn't think of that one!