Wednesday, June 27, 2007

BTAS: Batmobile

This is one of my most favorite of Batmobile designs. It just looks like this heavy, hard hitting tank of a car. You can really see where Bruce Timm and crew took their influences from the 1930's art deco and other Bat properties and rolled them into this monster.

This Batmobile represents the simple, clean style of Batman: The Animated Series (BTAS) and was produced by Ertl. About three inches in length and the same basic construction as a standard Hotwheels die cast car, this is one Batmobile to be reckoned with.

What's your favorite Superhero ride? Like Hulk's Copter, the Captain America Vette, or dig Aquaman's Seahorse? Chime in with your favs.


rob! said...

the 50s Batmobile, with the giant bat-head on the front, has always been my favorite. its just waaaay cool.

Legions Of Gotham said...

I LOVE the BTAS and TNBA batmobiles..but the 1966 model comes in a close second!