Friday, June 29, 2007

Freebie Friday!

This Freebie Friday I feel like showcasing a couple of freebies! First up is the Justice League Promotional Pin. It was my understanding that these were sent out by Warner Bros. to help promote the show. A salesperson here had a whole bag of these and had given them to our warehouse manager to get rid of. They were originally given out at trade shows and these were the extras. I don't know if the rest ended up on Ebay or what, but I was given one because I'm the office "comic book nerd" (and I say that with pride).

The pin is about an inch to an inch and half wide and as you can see displays the original series logo for Justice League. I would be curious if a Justice League Unlimited one was ever produced.

Second, is the Softy Superman from my employer the Toy Factory. If you remember here I featured a Softy Batman, this is the other one of the duo that was sampled.

I still do not know why for the life of me people (buyers) didn't dig the look of these. I still think that they have a vintage feel to them, I wish we could have done some more "vintage" styles in these, but our license is for the cartoon. Still, could you imagine a Hawkman or Classic Aquaman, maybe a Joker?



rob! said...

i'd be afraid a Softy Joker is about to emit some poison gas or something. :)

a softy classic Aquaman...*sigh*

Legions Of Gotham said...

I love that JL pin! What a great piece.