Thursday, August 30, 2007

American Dream

A few months back I started my sketch blog with a version of this character. Here's the toy that somewhat inspired that sketch. I made some changes, like the standard issue wings on Captain America's mask that I added to the sketch, along with some nods to the classic look.

This figure stands about 4" to 5" tall and has a giant shield, which I later read was handed down from Captain America, but still look at the size of that thing. I've noticed that the shield seems to be the hardest thing for toy companies to nail down, it's either too small or way too large. This would be considered a Toy Biz pre Marvel Legends meaning not a lot of articulation. Released to the specialty market, this figure did not see mass release, and was part of a set of First Appearance Women Figures that included Spider-Girl, Wild Thing, and Stinger.

Once I completed the sketch I went in search of this figure to compare and decided that even though the figure is cool, I liked the "classic" feel of the sketch and continued to finish it out from there. I've often thought about going back and trying to complete this four figure set as well as trying my own twist on the feminization of some other Marvel and DC Characters.

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