Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Saviour of the Universe!

Recently my wife had been going on and on about how this had just been released on DVD and she wanted to pick up a copy, so while walking through a store I picked it up so we could watch it later that weekend. I was really surprised at how much she liked this movie, more surprised that we actually had conversations based on the character of Flash Gordon as he appeared in this movie for a couple of days before even sitting down to watch it... and that I didn't start them.

Seeing this movie reminds me of those Saturdays where it had been raining all morning and you had nothing much to do but watch cartoons and whatever Saturday Morning Movie the big three networks were showing. We seemed to get Flash Gordon and the 60's Batman Movie more than often, which is perfectly fine by me.

Anyway after the showing of Flash Gordon here, I checked out the feature with the interview with Alex Ross and was surprised once again as he had mentioned, almost word for word, some of the topics we had discussed days before... weird. Oh, and Alex Ross really seems to enjoy this movie as well, always good to know that people in the biz have pretty good foundations in the world they work in, unlike a few account execs and editors I've had the pleasure to submit artwork too.

A little bonus is a black and white sketch post card inserted in the case by Mr. Ross, who also supplied the cover art for the DVD! Oh yeah, and wasn't Max Von Sydow the best Ming the Merciless hands down? Hail Ming!

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