Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Flying Fortress

I am not a Hot Wheels Collector, not that there is anything wrong with that.

Sure I have a few (mostly Batmobiles), and I've always said that Hot Wheels collectors have it made, let's face it a majority of the items they collect are about a buck. When was the last time you could say you bought a brand new action figure for a buck and some change?

Well all that said, I passed down the toy car aisle the other day and this one kind of jumped out at me. Because, not only does it remind me of a plane to truck conversion model a friend of mine built as a kid (yeah, we were a little special back then) but it is based on one of my all time favorite airplanes of WW II, the B-17, and not only that, the B-17G, my absolute favorite model of the B-17! I was pretty excited, and thought wow that's really cool, so I picked it up, made me think back to my younger days when I would build model airplanes and research all I could on the different versions.

Others in my shopping party were less excited.

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