Monday, August 27, 2007

JLU Weekend!

My JLU collection just received some new members this weekend! I know that others probably have had these for months, but this past weekend was the first time I have seen these in stores here. The Orion was the one I was looking for (for the longest time!), Sinestro came in handy for the villains, but "Kyler Raynor" ( I always thought it was Kyle Rayner, with an "e") on a single was just a bonus. I immediately went home and opened Orion and Sinestro. I think I'll keep Kyle on the card, see I have one from a three pack open, and I'm not that big on keeping stuff packaged, especially with the JLU (about Half and Half on the subject), it's just fun to have them all lined up on the shelf! I just thought this would be a nice figure to have in a package...he is after all the artist Green Lantern.

As an added bonus that night "Challenge of the Super Friends" came on Boomerang and the first villain to make an appearance on the episode was Sinestro!


rob! said...

i love with when i find a JLU i dont have already, which doesnt happen much. i too just recently found Kyle and The Shade, so i was ecstatic!

chunky B said...

I know what you mean, and I think I like finding the single card figures more! I did let the Shade slip through my fingers though, but I'm pretty confident that I will see him again, things work out that way!