Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Super Friends Sets!

Not sure if any of my readers hit Cost Co, but I had the opportunity to check one out and made away with this set! They have the set pictured above (which will be opened shortly) and one with Superman, the Flash, and Lex Luthor. I needed the Green Lantern and Aquaman, plus an extra Bats never hurts. I didn't think I would find an Aquaman, but they had a pallet full of these things!

So go forth and tell the masses the Super Friends are in sets now! And the price isn't that bad either! $16.99 for the set!


rob! said...

those are cool sets, ive never seen them in any stores.

man, i cant wait til that AquaSub comes out! maybe theyll start doing more villains...dare to dream, Black Manta??

chunky B said...

Black Manta would be welcome, but I'm waiting for the Joker! What about Grundy or Gorilla Grodd? Those could be fun!

By the way feel free to post the pic to the boards, I haven't seen much buzz on the sets and a lot of people are still searching for Aquaman!

megomuseum said...

Cool, the Mattel multipack lives!