Tuesday, August 14, 2007

GI Joe 25th Anniversary: Snake Eyes

I never really considered myself a huge GI Joe Collector. I have a few pieces that I enjoy that bring back memories, but I never really kept at it full steam ahead all these years. Having said that, I think it's time to get into GI Joe mode for a while. I have this figure to blame. The GI Joe 25th Anniversary Snake Eyes! I've been watching these a few weeks in the online discussions, played around with maybe ordering a few, then I happened to find one on the pegs in a Wal Mart, so I picked it up. Ka Bam! I'm hooked! These are great little figures, the packaging looks a little old school, the accessories are numerous, and they even have a pretty decent price (better than the Star Wars figures anyway).

Like I said I have some 12" Joes, a few reproduction "vintage" Kung Fu Grip guys, and a couple of my Real American Heroes left, I even tried getting back into the line when they were released a few years back with new sculpts. These new ones might get me going full throttle again as far as tiny Joes go. This guy sports a whopping nineteen points of articulation (that I can count), most being ball joints, hey, don't those count double? If so that would bring the number up to about twenty-five. The sculpt on this guy is also just amazing, and he even has a working sheath for his combat knife. Throw in his pet wolf, Timber, and a stand, and you have a great little starter here.

The next day we went out and I found his arch enemy (post to follow) and I knew I would end up getting sucked into the GI Joe Real American Hero line again. What makes it worse is now I hear Wal Mart is going to release a set of reproduction Kung Fu Grip 12" Adventure Team and that the Sigma Six line (which I was kind of on the fence about) is starting to incorporate the new Kung Fu Grip and Adventure theme into it's line. A couple of them look really cool.

Between GI Joe, the new DC Super Friends, and the vintage reproduction Star Trek, it pains me to say that Star Wars maybe taking a back seat for a while... cause now I know about the new American Hero Line... And knowing is half the battle! Yo Joe!

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