Monday, August 13, 2007

Nine Inch Batman!

A while back I had a post about Hasbro's new Marvel nine inch figures called the Marvel Signature Series, but before Hasbro was doing the Marvel thing it was the long time license holder for all things DC Comics. Funny how things change in the world of toys and licensing. Mego did DC and Marvel, Mattel Did Marvel, Kenner did DC, then Toy Biz did DC and lost it back to Kenner (bought by Hasbro), so Toy Biz bought Marvel and did Marvel toys, then Hasbro lost DC to Mattel, and Marvel fired Toy Biz (which had owned Marvel) and Hasbro now does Marvel. Whew that was fun.

Well back to Hasbro and their DC Figures. These were one of those things I saw just walking down the action figure aisle at Toys R Us back in the day, matter of fact I don't even think they were kept on the main isle of action figures back then. These were before the days of scalpers and toy reporters, so I was able to pick up Aquaman, Green Lantern, and Green Arrow over the course of a couple months. I thought, wow what could be coming next if they started with these guys!

Well, I always wondered where Bats and Sups were, so not too long after I had picked up the first wave so to speak, Batman and Superman showed up as Target exclusives with as about the same fanfare as the previous release. I grabbed up Batman and Superman without having a second thought, and would later find Martian Man Hunter at KB Toys before they all dried up here. Target exclusives included two more different Batman Figures in this line as well as the Joker (yea!) and the Penguin, plus a new Superman. The last of which is one of two figures I do not own from this line (yet) the other being Superman Blue. I cannot force myself to buy this figure, though on a side note I did get the Marvel equivalent of this character, Iron Spider-man. In addition to those mentioned above, there was a Golden Age Batman and Robin set released online and a Batman Beyond version that I believe was only sold at Warner Bros. Stores.

This Batman features a rubber mask, so you can take it off to expose Batman's alter ego Bruce Wayne. It doesn't fit the best, but it is a nice feature, making this my favorite of the series. Along with the scale and cloth costume, this feature really reminds me of the old Megos of the day with the removable masks. I have a feeling that was what the designer was trying to accomplish.

Sadly the line died, much like what's happening now with the Marvel version of these figures, before the Flash, Hawkman, or even more villains could make appearances. But you know I often wonder if I could modify one of the Marvel Dare Devils or Captain Americas that are on clearance now and make the Flash... maybe, maybe.


rob! said...

this was a very strange line to sell in mainstream stores...a GA Green Arrow? while i loved it, it didnt surprise me that the line didnt take off.

and starting off with Aquaman, GL, and GA, THEN going to Superman and Batman? HUH?

that said, they were nice figures. i love the Aquaman!

megomuseum said...

This line was wonderful but so flawed, who makes Batman the chase figure?

Oddly, a year before these came out my friend called me up and said "Got a spare RC Mego Batman? the Target buyer wants to see one"

I didn't have one but I now realize what he wanted it for....

chunky B said...

That is so cool, I just love that people who love toys when they were kids are making them now, and making nods to past toy lines like the megos. This is what is great about this business. And that older toys can help sell a new line!

The line, for all it's faults, is truly a fun line. This Batman, Joker and the current Captain America are some of my favorites. I keep hoping for the Thing...