Wednesday, August 15, 2007

GI Joe 25th Anniversary: Storm Shadow

Always thought this character could be more on the show. I realize he only exists to battle Snake Eyes, and there's nothing wrong with having an arch enemy. So when I found Snake Eyes, I knew I had to find Storm Shadow. The next day after getting my new Joe, while we were out rounding up supplies I scoped out the local Target and they happened to have reset the action figure aisle and there he was in all his evil Cobra glory.

My dilemma was that he was hanging above Cobra Commander! Well my sense of balance ruled over my sense for world domination and Storm Shadow found his way into the basket. But I know Cobra Commander will not be far behind. This line might actually be fun to collect, the waves so far seem rather manageable and the price is again rather decent.

Well onto the figure! Storm Shadow again comes in the cool old school package, has a stand and a few more accessories than ole' Snake Eyes (poor Storm Shadow doesn't have a pet though) Two swords, a throwing knife, and a bow with arrows sculpted into his back pack, that I will note didn't break like my Green Arrow quiver full of arrows from the DC: New Frontier line when I removed him from the package. That's what super glue is made for apparently. Storm Shadow sports roughly the same amount of articulation as Snake Eyes, and can pull off some pretty cool poses like his Joe counterpart.

So far the forces are pretty even:
Joes 1, Cobra 1.
Who will gain the advantage? Only time will tell...

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