Thursday, August 23, 2007

IG-88: Empire Strikes Back

I have to say, I thought I would never see a nicer version of this Droid than the original. You think about it, how can you do more for a figure of this character. Well that didn't stop Hasbro. This is another one of those "Vintage" figures that are in stores right now, the ones that are super detailed and packaged on vintage looking cards, like the Snowtrooper and Luke before. The thing that amazes me about this figure is the amount of articulation they put into small frame. The legs on this thing are seriously smaller than a number 2 pencil in width, but non the less it has knee joints.

I remember thinking as a kid it would be cool to be able to pose the original, instead of just the stiff leg stance, but watching the movie over and over all these years I realized that this is just that a stiff legged prop. The added articulation on this figure, as well as some other recent purchases, also got me thinking about the durability of today's playthings. Do you think that the articulation on those knees will hold up for more than twenty years like the original stiff legged version. I'm guessing those will be the second thing to go after all the elaborate accessories. It seems more and more todays toys, action figures anyway, are being created for collectors. So will kids ever get to have fond memories of these things, or find them years later in their parents attic or basement and revel in the joy of finding a lost friend? It makes me wonder about this hobby and where it is headed.

So having said this, I still think it's a nicer version. Great sculpt, articulation galore, cool accessories. You know, I'm just going to display it, I really don't think it was made with a child in mind, and that is kind of sad.

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