Friday, August 24, 2007

Medicom RAH Stormtrooper: Part One

After yesterday afternoon's post, I really debated on taking the rest of the week off to cool down, but you know I don't know why I got so upset. Sure things like that really make me angry, but I love this hobby, and the good out way the bad on so many occasions. Having said that, I really wasn't ready for the SOTW, but I do have a preview picture of a Stormtrooper that is waiting to be opened. I say waiting to be opened because the house is full of dust from construction and I'm patiently waiting for the day I can set the collection up again. This will be one of the first to get taken out of the box. Until then consider this a two part Stormtrooper of the week.

So I bring you The Medicom Stormtrooper Part One! I'm sure most have seen the Medicom toys reviewed all over the web, and the pictures look amazing, but holding one of these you can really see the detail in the piece. Like I've said I have yet to crack the box open, so I can't comment on pose-ability or the actual "feel", but man these things look pretty life like, like they stepped out of the movie. Medicom is the same Japanese company that produces the Kubricks. I really like the feel of their toys, they seem solid and well built, plus they have the fun factor. This Stormtrooper is one of the first Real Action Heros line that I have from the company, besides a Spike Spiegal from Cowboy Bebop (I'm not sure it's really a part of the RAH line) so it should be a whole new experience opening this one.

The Stormtrooper was a gift this past Christmas from my parents. They always ask every year what everyone wants, I really do not like making lists, I always feel weird doing so, so much that I usually ignore the request for a list, but when I saw this was available online I shot my Dad an e-mail that said this is all I want. You know if I would have had the web as a kid, my Christmas lists would have looked a lot better than crayons and pictures cut from the Sears Catalog.

Well, my parents must still love me because, not only did they buy their adult son a toy for Christmas, this was a pre order that wouldn't arrive till about February of the following year, so they wrapped a picture of the trooper downloaded from the website and wrote they order number on it. That's what I always remember about my parents growing up, the attention to the little details. When the Stormtrooper finally arrived I dropped by my parent s house, my Dad gave it to me and made a comment like "that's a nice box, you going to open it?" I said I wasn't sure, and he responded with " Open it, if you want to get one to keep in the box you have to get it yourself, this one was given to open". Crazy because I really haven't felt the need to get a second one to keep in the box, but this guy will be set free per my Dad's orders.

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